Why to Use Bootstrap for Amazing Website Designing?

Why to Use Bootstrap for Amazing Website Designing?

By WebDesk
Why to Use Bootstrap for Amazing Website Designing?

What is bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a powerful and effective development tool for creating website applications and responsive websites. It is one of the largest, fastest growing JS, HTML and CSS infrastructure that can be used to create interactive, engaging and effective Web projects. It is a front-end framework that allows faster and efficient web development and can be used for better developing websites.

The reason why most of the web developers prefer bootstrap is because of its unique features that make it easy for the developers to create powerful and responsive websites. You can use bootstrap with basic knowledge of Java, CSS and HTML and can use it further in building a great website. Bootstrap is rich collection of reusable and versatile codes written in CSS, HTML and Javascript.

Here are some of the amazing features that make bootstrap one of the most preferred tool for website development and is a catch for all the developers-


  • It is easy to start-

Not everybody knows how to use CSS and is unable to develop websites. CSS pre-processing should be used by every front-end developer and bootstrap offers fewer files for CSS making it much more easier.

You can easily use bootstrap and to take its advantage you just need to download the files from GetBootstrap.com and then unpack it by pasting the files into the header of your HTML document. The bootstrap framework with its default style with additional components and Javaplugins are included in the sample HTML.


  • Network system-

Bootstrap is based on responsive kind of grids and components. You can easily put and nest columns in both fixed and fluid-width layout. The another advantage that bootstrap provides is the content shown or hidden for particular devices. When you add a class such as visible-desktop to an item, it becomes visible only to desktop users. It provides responsive features for both tablets and laptops.


  • Never ending components-

Bootstrap provides million unique features and involves huge components for the best website application and responsive websites. It has navigation bar, bread crumbs, dropdowns, alerts, progress bars, labels and badges, button groups and many other components. Each component has a unique theme and offers specific functions.


  • Documentation-

Along with providing styles for every element that a responsive website or web application requires bootstrap also provides better documentation with examples and methods making the use more easy.


  • Javascript plugins-

Using bootstrap provides many benefits and can help you make web applications. If your project requires many sliders and tabs you can easily add bootstrap features, after adding them you just need to add some codes and you are all ready with your requirements.  

       The components, such as the drop-down menu, are made interactive with the many JavaScript plug-ins included in the bootstrap package.

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