What Is Responsive Design and Why My Website Need It

What Is Responsive Design and Why My Website Need It

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What Is Responsive Design and Why My Website Need It

Responsive web design is an approach to web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. It suggests that the design and development of a website should be done according to user’s convenience. Responsive designing means that your business website is functional for all the devices whether it’s a small smartphone or big desktop.

Implementing responsive design includes using images, mixing layouts and themes and proper use of CMS (Content Management System) and CSS media queries. A website must have the ability to work on all the devices without any lag of speed or more loading time. As the user switches from one device to another, your website should automatically adjust the resolution, image size and scripting.

Responsive website is not only about images and scripting it is a whole new way for improving your website and gaining more customers for you.

Here are some of the reasons why your website needs to have responsive web design-

  • Upgrades your website look-

Responsive designing include images and visuals that make your website fantastic. It gives an appealing look to your site that helps to gain more customers and upgrades your business.


  • Bestow excellent user experience-

You can provide the most excellent user experience using responsive designing. Most of the large companies use Responsive designing as their necessary tool to design and develop and provide best user experience to their end users. A website having responsive design never takes much longer time to load and never disappoints the customers. A better UX encourages your customers to trust your brand and develop your business scale. This is the most important reason your website needs responsive design.


  • Depletes maintenance cost-

If your website design is not effective, it will never gain much audience. When you hire any website design company they charge you for both mobile designing and desktop designing and it can take quite more money than you expect. So, responsive designing is the best option as it reduces the separate charges and you can easy access your website on both the devices spending less money.


  • Reach more people-

Using responsive designing you can reach a greater audience. This is also helpful as responsive sites are visible even to the viewers who cannot afford to buy a huge desktop or a personal computer. This helps to increase traffic and your website will get higher ranking in search engines.

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