3 Mistakes That Every Ui/Ux Designer Makes

3 Mistakes That Every Ui/Ux Designer Makes

By WebDesk
3 Mistakes That Every Ui/Ux Designer Makes

Every website business needs a website to assure its online existence and to make sure that his/her business is everybody’s first preference. Developing a professional and unique website is everybody’s dream, every business person aim to make a website that can do wonders for the business and gain maximum audience interaction.

User Experience is important both for the designers and the users. A bad user experience can cost whole lot of traffic to the website degrading the website’s appearance as well as functionality. If user experience is bad, the web designer is blamed and it takes a lot to handle the pressure. Moreover, a website that has excellent user experience also has excellent visibility and customer engagement.

But sometimes the carelessness of the designers lets the business down, there are some mistakes that UI/UX designers make which actually should be prevented-


  • Not caring about the users-

Every web designer aim to create a website that can bring major audience interaction and can invite more people to the website. Whether it is about making your website more captivating or inviting visitors, you should always care about your audience because you know they are the one for whom you are building your site. A website that’s understandable and accessible to the users is the something that increases your business revenue and brings potential leads. So keep in mind about your user’s preferences and then go for building your site.


  • Non responsive-

A responsive website is a hub for most of the audience and it takes huge efforts to design a responsive website. Sometimes in a hurry to add designs and graphics in a website and make It convenient for a single device, the web developers and designers forget to make the website responsive. A website that works perfectly fine on laptop and screws up on a mobile is absolutely useless, everybody likes to switch but nobody goes for extra loading time it makes the users frustrated and they will leave your site before you know it. To avoid this, the designers must make a responsive website keeping in mind the mobile friendly audience that will contribute much to user’s satisfaction and will incite more customers.


  • Dissimilar prototypes-

Every designer wants to create something exclusive and unique but that’s not served by all of them. Most of the websites you look around have similar graphics and designs because most of the designers use Wordpress for designing, but you should try to implement designs that are less similar and stand apart from others in order to achieve greater heights. The web designers do not care for similarity and end up making your website same as others. This never increases your potential value among the customers.

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