8 Benefits of a Mobile Website

By WebDesk
8 Benefits of a Mobile Website

A mobile website is the demand of the new generation, it not only suits a smaller screen but has many perks over others. It is easy to use and you can handle several important things on a small screen. No load of carrying a desktop around and having all the beneficials is what makes mobile website so centered for the people.

Here are some of the top benefits of mobile friendly websites that make them user friendly also-

  • Most of the website’s traffic comes from mobile users-

We all know how people are so dependent on mobiles and smartphones these days, whether it is about surfing internet or looking for websites, they prefer mobile over desktop most of the time. More than half of the ecommerce world runs on people dependent on mobile phones than desktops. Mobile traffic is mostly responsible for attracting millions of customers and mobile viewers are the potential sources for income of any website, hence having a mobile website is far more important.


  • Mobile website takes less load time-

The most important reason for people leaving a website is the longer loading time. As soon as you go to a website and are about to take an action and your website takes much more loading time, you will definitely end up closing it and finding other sites for solution. This generates the need for mobile websites, you need to have site that saves your time. Mobile websites take less time to load and increases user’s participation in your website.


  • Mobile users are bigger buyers-

With mobile friendly websites the buyers can easily go to the product review and look out for the product details, description and everything. This makes them buy more products easily. Mobile users generally serve well to the websites than people using desktops and laptops.


  • Mobile friendly websites are favored by Google-

The best part of having a mobile friendly website is the Google’s favorability. Having a mobile friendly website not only attracts people, it also attracts Google. Google is always searching and marking for responsive websites. If you have a mobile friendly website, you will obviously rank in the top position in search engines including Google.


  • Advertising is easy-

Beyond all the necessities mobile website provides, another benefit you get is the easy and less time consuming advertisements. Mobile websites do not provide ads more on the screen, content is still the king on the screen in mobile screens. Moreover mobile advertising is cheap and do not take much time.

Using desktop you see there are heavy time taking advertisements that may distract the user and also end up sucking maximum data. Thus mobile advertising is helpful.


  • Inevitable social media shares-

Social media is the survival need for today’s digital spiders. From morning to night you can see people scrolling instagram, facebook, watsapp and other social media apps. Mobile website provide huge social media share platforms and multiple share options. Using mobile you can add multiple social share options in your blogs, articles and other write-ups without any cost.


  • Mobile websites don’t need costly maintenance-

A website that is designed separately for desktop and mobile will already cost much more than a mobile friendly or responsive website. In a mobile friendly website you do need to duplicate, reformat or add features again like you actually do on your desktop. It may look tough and expensive designing a mobile friendly website but it all nullifies with the engrossed features.


  • Mobile websites better back-link-

Back-linking is a phenomenal feature for attracting a huge traffic to your website and converting them into potential customers. Mobile websites with their unique URL strategically provides better back-link and helps customers to explore more about your website. It makes all your back-links to point in the same domain and thus reduces the risk of breaking links for website and mobiles separately.

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