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Google Ads Management

Google is one of the most used search engines by the vast majority of the world's population. On average, 2.3 million searches are executed every second on google where the search results are embedded with Google Ads.

These ads are known to be the best possible and highly effective medium of driving quality traffic to your website. The products and services of your business are displayed to the audience exactly when they are searching for the services the same as yours. Google AdWords are paid ads that appear on Google SERPs and other websites through Google’s AdSense or Display Network. The ads can be of any format, it could be a text, image, video, or rich media format, each targets audience differently.

Recursive analysis, attention as well as optimization is mandatory for extracting every ounce of profit from Google advertising. SIB Infotech is amongst the best Google Ads management companies in India offering Google AdWords management services which yield extremely profitable results and are worth your investment in us.

Why Choose SIB Infotech for your Google AdWords PPC Campaign Management

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Attracting quality traffic to your website is not an easy task and calls for experts to deal with the intricate webpage advertising algorithms. Google algorithms are designed to reward high-quality websites with organic rankings, this is where we help you to achieve the mandatory guidelines to reach the organic advertising spaces od Google Ads.

Although PPC is an easier way to take control of your appearance on the SERPs. The Pay-Per-click ads spread your services to the vast majority of the audience who are searching for products and services that your business could fulfil.

Millions of websites use Google PPC because it being a powerful and cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic, overall boosting sales. SIB Infotech is a PPC management services helps your business to get more than desired from its effective online advertising campaigns along with smart and customized recommendations as well as optimization for the campaigns regularly, such as

  • We manage Millions of Ads spent every year.
  • Ecommerce Ads Experts with over 16+ years experience as a leading eCommerce agency.
  • Lead generation & branding campaigns Expertise
  • Proven Formula
  • ROI Driven
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • No Contracts/ No Hidden Fees
  • Affordable Google Ads Agency
  • Monthly Adwords Reports
  • Improving your click-through rates
  • Adjusting PPC bids
  • Pausing floundering keywords
  • Ad optimization
  • Optimization of your landing pages
  • Place your ads where your audience can find you
  • Drive conversions (leads, purchases, goal completions)
Google AdWords Compaigns

Google AdWords offers six unalike campaign types for each type of business. Choosing the correct campaign type is crucial as it decides how your ad goes running on the SERPs and Display Network. Each campaign has its specific functions to enrich the functionality of the campaigns and ensure lucrative results for your company.

Google Search Network (SN) Campaign

The Search Network campaign is the only platform that allows your business to display text ads on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The campaign is supplemented with extensive features that include app installs, mobile app engagement, dynamic search ads, call-only or callout, and snippets. SN is a boundless place for a new Google Ads user to advertise for wide-ranging businesses along with the local business.

Search Network campaigns are beneficial when

  • You want your page to be #1 on Google SERPs
  • You want to publicize on Google Maps
Google Display Network (DN) Campaign

The image ads are displayed on the Display Network (DN), which consists of millions of websites to show your ads. The DN campaigns demand to setup marketing objectives that can be based on impressions, visits, engagement, and actions. The objectives you select are the base for building your ad campaign and its success. You can use the DN campaign

  • For building the brand impression
  • If you want to market on a definite website
  • To craft remarketing campaigns
Video YouTube Ad Campaign

There are several ad formats available for video ad campaigns on Google AdWords. The options range from letting the viewer skip your ad after five seconds to a six seconds buffer ad between videos. The campaign has several features that allow you to extend your ads with shopping campaigns along with app installs. Video Ad campaign serves your business

Search Network campaigns are beneficial when

  • If you want to stimulate video content
  • If you want to create and place commercial videos on YouTube
Google Shopping Campaign

The first step for a shopping campaign is to set up Google Merchant Centre. This ad campaign id useful to showcase your products from your eCommerce store in Google Shopping. The success of the campaign depends on how you set up your eCommerce store or website, if the setup is correct and Google receives correct feeds, it does all the targeting and ad creation jobs on its own. The Google Shopping campaign could only be used if you have an eCommerce store.

Universal App Campaign

The universal app campaign advertises your application on all the Google Ads platforms such as search, display, and video networks. It is considered to be the best platform to advertise your application also the setup us straight forward, you just need to add your app and modify the campaign objectives as per your needs. Universal app campaign could be used

  • If you want to launch and boost a new or existing app
  • If you want to drive sales through the app
Remarketing or Retargeting Campaign

The Google remarketing ads are considered to be a powerful tool for businesses as it is useful in targeting the people who have already visited your store or used your application. The remarketing campaign is in-built with exclusive features that are beneficial to reach former visitors and users. The campaign demands careful set-up as it leads to the generation of your remarketing tags and lists. The remarketing ads work only when your business has minimal one previously set up a retargeting audience list.

Let our Google Ads specialist make your paid marketing campaigns successful

Our Google Advertising strategies yield top-quality results for your business. Our Google Ad experts make sure that your business is showered with the extensive benefits of Google Advertising, such as

  • Improve brand recognition
  • Immediate visibility through top page ads
  • Increased brand awareness
  • More customer reach through Gmail inbox
  • Reconnecting with your website visitors
  • Remarketing on Display and Search Network
  • Tackling your market competitors
  • Increased conversions

We make sure that your business has an effective and efficient Google marketing campaign that suits best for your industry.

Along with extensive benefits our Google Advertising management services are loaded with 360-degree highly efficient strategy.

  • Setting up business goals
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor campaign analysis
  • Audience Research
  • Optimizing landing page and offers
  • Implementing focused keywords
  • Grouping related keywords into Ad Groups
  • Traffic Segmentation (SN & DN traffic)
  • Crafting reflective and unique Ad Copy
  • Conversion tracking
  • Data mining from Ad insights
  • Maintenance and optimization of Google Ads
  • Regular transparent progress reports
  • 24*7*365 Support

We believe in delivering service with the perfection that leads to worldwide 750+ happy clients.

Are you ready to partner #1 Google AdWords & #1 PPC Management Company in India for ultimate Google advertising services and solutions?

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