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Instagram is the most widely used social media platform after Facebook. It is a subset of the social media giant Facebook.

It is a free social media platform that allows the users to share pictures and videos, give it desired captions, appealing filters, and engage the content with their followers or a selected group of people and so much more. People spend hours on social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, if your brand gets the attention via the advertisement in those hours it can surely lead to the generation of new customers, enhanced sales and increased conversions.

Around 80% of the Instagram users take a look at the ads they find on their news feeds, if a brand can create an effective and compelling advertisement about its services and launch it to the relevant audience, their website traffics and conversions can soar up to the highest limits.


Why SIB Instagram Advertising Services for your company

SIB Infotech is your one-in-all stop for the marketing solutions, as we are the best social media marketing agency in India, our services assure that your brand gets the best possible publicity.

At SIB our Instagram advertising strategy is an all-in-one blend that can set your sales on fire. We make sure that the Instagram ads drive traffic to your website and take your sales to the next level. We take follow some basic aspects like:

Determination of your audience

Determination of audience is very important aspect in Instagram advertising because you are going to establish your brand value into their mind. You can determine your audience according to their age, gender, area, interest as per your business need.

  • What kind of hashtags they are using?

  • Which location do they stay?

  • Who do they follow on Instagram?

  • What kind of brand they are interested?

Analysis of competitor content

It is very important to be in the competition that you keep a track that what your competitors are doing. Few below things you should always keep in the mind.

  • What kind of hashtags they are using?

  • What kind of call to action they are using mostly?

  • What is the engagement rate in their content?

  • How frequently do the respond to their comments?

Determine your business objective

It is very important to make your business objectives in order to avoid wasting of time and resources. Write a list of targets which you want to achieve through Instagram advertising. Each of these objectives have different KPI and matrix to track.

Create a powerful content strategy

Creation of a powerful content is very important aspect in Instagram advertising and most crucial part of Instagram advertising is to deciding what to post ,whom to post and when to post. In Instagram content includes various things like Images, videos, text content etc.

Creating a content posting calendar

After crating a share worthy content it is important to decide when and how often it should be published.

Schedule Content in advance

In order to avoid any discrepancy in Instagram advertising it is very important to schedule the content in advance.

Our Instagram experts make sure that your brand gets the limelight of a major proportion of the audience.

We always make certain that your company gets the exposure it needs. We believe that your success is our success.

How Instagram advertising can help your company ?

Your brand becomes what people think it is’. The advertising agencies play a crucial role in creating an imprint on people’s minds about your brand and its offerings. The marketing company is responsible for handling your advertisement content to engage in huge traffic and create a crazy-buzz about your brand.

Instagram is a platform where anything can go viral with the help of hashtags. It can help businesses tremendously to reach their target audience with much less efforts. To list a few benefits of Instagram advertising.

  • Higher conversion rate It gives us higher conversion rate because it provides our product a visually engaging effect.

  • Multi channel connection If we are connecting Instagram to our website, we are able to connect with customers from different type of channels and increase cross channel engagement in return.

  • Different Profile Instagram provide us 2 different kind of profile one is personal profile, and another is business profile. If you will turn your personal profile to business profile you will unlock a world of features to promote your product and services.

  • Build a relationship with followers and potential customers On Instagram engagement with brands is so many times higher than other platforms.

  • Higher visibility It provide our product and services a higher visibility and that too to more relevant audiences.

  • Lead Generation It is a powerful and most economical tool for lead generation for your business.

  • Lower CPC - One another advantage of using Instagram ad is it offer lower CPC (cost per click) then other advertising platform like Google AdWords, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn ads so it is very cost effective as well.

  • Build the brand reputation Instagram build a brand value in the mind of your followers .On Facebook if you want to increase the numbers of fans(or followers)for your business pages you have to pay for them but on Instagram you can increase your followers organically.

  • It’s a visual platform Because on Instagram people only share their post through photos and videos so we can say it’s very visual and attractive platform.

  • Easily Tractable Sale and leads are tractable through Instagram ads. Just because Instagram uses the same ad manager platform as Facebook it has all of the tracking capability that Facebook has.


Are you ready to launch your Instagram Advertising campaign with the best Instagram advertising agency in India with offices in Mumbai and Delhi?


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