Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you looking to increase your website traffic and earn more revenue for your business?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about increasing your website's visibility in search engines in a natural way without the use of sponsored links.


If you are not among Top 5 search results you are loosing your business

It's a very well known fact that the first page of Google captures the majority of visitors traffic, but do you know that there is a very huge difference in clickthrough rates for top page search results vs bottom search results. Some of recent studies have shown the following clickthrough rates on Google search engines.


35% Click through rate

1st Position on Google Search Results

15% Click through rate

2nd Position on Google Search Results

11% Click through rate

3rd Position on Google Search Results

10% Click through rate

4th Position on Google Search Results

9% Click through rate

5th Position on Google Search Results


The clickthrough rate would continues to decline down to 3% for the 10th result and so on. And to your surprise 75% of the people won’t click on the second page of the search engine results.

91 % of experiences on the web start by searching in search engines like google ,yahoo etc… and the top result on search results has 35% chance of getting clicked which means if you are not on top of the google or yahoo search results you have missed out on a third of poteinal visitor to your website.

If you have a website for your business SEO is very important for your business no matter how old or new is your business, whether it is a small business or a large business house SEO is the most important factor for your success in this online world. Even if you have no competition still SEO is important for you, because many things are not in your control in your business like entry of a new competitor. So you cannot control his entry and how your customers would react to his entry or his new product launch. SEO is something you can control , you can control your rankings which would to some extent will control visitors coming to your website impacting your online sales and lead generation.

As you don’t know from where is your website traffic coming from? It's not too late for you to get started.

The success of any business is dependent on its brand reputation and user engagement. Online or digital existence of the brand plays a very important role in achieving goals which ultimately lead to success.

Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial business tool that increases the quality and quantity of your company’s organic website traffic. SEO is a tool to optimize the websites as per keywords that the users generally search for while using any search engine.

Your business leads the market only if it is on the top pages of search engines. People tend to be attracted to the top best search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Different types of SEO we work on,

On-page SEO

This category focuses on the contents that are on your website and then decisions are made for optimization. Content optimization leads to a boost in the website’s ranking for the keywords on the search engines and makes it user and search engine friendly.

  • Keyword Research

  • Keyword Optimization

  • Content creation

Off-page SEO

Offpage seo are activities that are performed on page after it goes the websites goes live. Off-page SEO deals with the external links that direct traffic to your website organically, also known as ‘backlinks’. This category deals with regulating the backlinks on other publisher’s pages including blogs, which leads to building a reliable spot on the search engine and the rankings are set to the sky.

  • Post sharing

  • Post commenting to build engagement

  • Post likes on social media

  • Blog postings

  • Forumn posting

Content SEO

This on-page SEO tool is directly linked to the quality of the content on the website and how can it be made better. Publishing high-quality content that engages a huge audience and is understandable by search engines which makes it a win-win combo.

Local SEO

This category is best suitable for the local businesses that majorly want to target the local area audience. Local SEO is useful in promoting your company on local directories and websites. Just make sure that you mention all your location details on the website.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is based on its name, which is meant for mobile devices. At present more than 60% of google searches are done on mobile phones. This SEO service optimizes your website according to mobile phones and makes it mobile-friendly.

eCommerce SEO

The eCommerce sector is huge, so the SEO tool for the domain is far more complex. This category optimizes all the visual elements of your website including pictures and videos. It adds all the crucial offers and products to the website and promotes the store on social media platforms.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on the website’s architecture and user interface, that is the technical parameters which directly affects the visibility. It manages the technical set up of the website, that is the code. most search engines prioritize the website’s code when ranking it for search engines.

  • Site speed

  • Mobile-friendliness

  • Indexing

  • Crawlability

  • Site architecture

  • Structured data

  • Security

SEO helps businesses by increasing their visibility on the web search engines. It takes your website's user engagement to a new level. Its not just bring traffic to your website but its bringing right traffic to your website.

Benefits of SEO

Boosts user engagement

Generates leads

Increases sales

Improves brand ranking

Increases brand credibility

Boosts exposure

Increments organic website traffic

Measurable results

SEO is loaded with benefits that can take your brand to the heights and brings it to the limelight. An SEO company is your worthy companion if your business needs an SEO boost.

The SEO agencies provide numerous services to help the business achieve all the much-needed goals of an effective Search Engine Optimised website by boosting the overall visibility. It helps to make crucial changes to your website to attract a huge audience.

With the help of the market and keywords research and analysis, the best SEO companies assure the guaranteed success of your brand. SIB Infotech is the best SEO company in India. With our expertise, experience, and excellence, we can help your brand reach the heights of the market in no time.

Our SEO services help your company get to the top ranking on major search engines by using self-developed effective techniques with years of experience using white hat SEO practices. Our services can increase organic search engine ranking drastically and getting the best placements for the websites along with reach to new customers.

We offer,

  • Custom SEO solutions (designed as per business needs)

  • Comprehensive keyword and market analysis

  • Detailed competitor research

  • Organic SEO strategies

  • Quality content and copywriting

  • Vigilant link building

  • Google analytics and data tracking

  • Regular engagement reports

  • Efficient services at very low rates

360-degree SEO services at SIB

Website analysis and recommendations

Website analysis is the first step and most important step for an effective SEO strategy for the website. It analyses the website content, architecture, and engagement. After analyzing the website, our experts jot down the things to be optimized and recommend the solution for boosting user engagement, generating leads, increasing organic traffic and boosting sales overall.

Audience requirements analysis

In-depth research is done to estimate the requirement and needs of the audience, to ensure that the website is optimized according to all the content the audience searches for.

Keyword research

Keyword research is a crucial step for an efficient SEO strategy. Everything on the search engines works with and according to keywords. Our experts do a deep search engine analysis to ensure the keywords required for your brand’s website optimization.

Content writing

We have an efficient quality content writing team that provides fresh and keywords integrated content for your website, we guarantee that with our skilled writers your content is unmatched on the search engine. We make it certain that the content is creative and unique.

Website optimization

After all the research work and analysis, we deploy our uniquely designed strategy to your website. We make sure that your website doesn’t lack a single tool that the audience thinks to be a must.

Link building

We craft appealing backlinks that generated huge organic traffic to your websites. We select each external link publisher personally to make it certain that your website gets the best.

Monthly reporting

After providing the SEO services we don’t leave your side. We provide you monthly reports and statistics of the traffic, leads, conversions, and engagement of the audience.

Our services guarantee a quality content that is fresh and appealing. We deal efficiently the google rankings of your website by optimizing its content, headlines, and design.

We always ensure that your business covers all the broad categories of SEO.

We optimize your page and our services according to your competitors, social media handles and the history of the audience which is also referred to as off-page SEO.

Our service can be the ultimate solution for your website to bring it to the top or most visited search results on the search engines.

  • Focused and dedicated team

  • Experienced experts

  • Extreme customer focus

  • Customizable strategies

  • 24*7 support and care

  • Cost-effective

  • Top-rated SEO company in India

  • Transparent reporting

  • Guaranteed 100% client satisfaction

We believe in delivering service with the perfection that leads to worldwide 750+ happy clients.

Our SEO services take you to the top shelves of the online world.

We ensure that your brand gets the desired exposure it needs. We believe that your success is our success.


Are you ready to launch the #1 SEO strategy with the #1 SEO company in INDIA?



Organic Traffic - Increase


Bounce Rate - Decrease


Average Visit Duration - Increase


Pages Per Session - Increase


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