When to Redesign Your Website

When to Redesign Your Website

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When to Redesign Your Website

With the fast moving digital world it is very important that your business website is updated and doesn’t lack speed. You have built your website with huge patience contemplating for designing and development.

Redesigning is not a task you can just complete within a blink. You need to think much more before you redesign a website. It can be quite confusing where to start from, what all change I can do, what will be the result etc etc. But as time passes your website starts to function abnormally sometimes. This is the time when you need to redesign your website.

Here are some of the indications that your website demands redesigning-


  • Lack of fresh content-

Content is the king of any website. It should be the major focus whether it’s creating, designing or redesigning. Without fresh content there is no point of having a website because nobody signs for a paper that’s blank. Unique and fresh content always attracts the audience and increases your site’s ranking in search engines including Google. So you must keep on updating your content in order to keep your website working.


  • Target audience-

Maybe when you started your website you were targeting a specific audience but now you want to shift your focus to a new audience. Every user that visits your website has specific need and for better performance you need to fulfill their needs. So, redesigning will help your website to target the new audience, maybe by changing the design elements and functionality of your website you can make more profit.


  • You are not going with the trend

Are you going with the flow? Is your website following the latest design trends? Are the customers satisfied? This is all you need to ask yourself. If you have a website that is designed with years old designs and templates you will definitely loose customers. You must redesign your website according to the latest trends to grow more audience.


  • Mobile unfriendly-

In the mobile friendly world all the users rely on mobile devices more than any other electronic device. Your website should be mobile friendly in order to gain more attention and for better user experience. You can update your website with responsive designs that will make your site all device friendly.


  • Poor navigation-


Navigation can affect the ranking of your website and also reduce the conversion rate. When visiting your website for the first time, users should be able to easily find specific content. If it's difficult or confusing to navigate, visitors won't stay long, nor will they engage with your business.

Your website should have good navigation so that the users can easily reach and search what they want to find. You must redesign your website in such a way that its easy navigable.

  • Irrelevant content –

The content of your website should always relate to your brand. If your website doesn’t match your brand, you actually need to redesign your website.  The main purpose of having a website is to build your brand. If the content written on your website is unable to display the idea of your brand, it’s of no use. Maybe you had relevant content before but now you have changed some of the products and it has started looking irrelevant. You must redesign your website in order to make your views count.


  • Longer loading time-

It is a major problem if your site takes much longer time to load than before. Most of the viewers are likely to drop your site before it will open. Longer loading time distracts the viewers and is never healthy for a website. According to many viewers more than half of the sites lose audience due to their extra loading time taken.

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