Which Colors Should I Use for My Website and Why?

Which Colors Should I Use for My Website and Why?

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Which Colors Should I Use for My Website and Why?

Your website is your business platform. Before judging the functionality and brand depiction people are attracted to the looks and colors of your website. What your brand speaks is also defined by the colors you are selecting.

Selecting a color theme for your business website can be a tricky job unless you have some understanding of how those colors affect your website and what feelings do different hues evoke. Generally the customers are visually driven and adding appropriate colors and creating a suitable theme also develops your branding.

Before adding colors to your website you must care for circumstances like how colors affect emotions, how different genders will respond to your website, will your overall demographics go with the colors you have chosen will you website speak for what you want to display.

Adding colors adds up to the theme and propaganda of your business, colors of your website defines what you want and display and who is your business concerned to.

Here are some of the colors that are usually used for best designing themes-


  • Blue-

Blue is the most used color in the online business world. The color itself depicts calmness and clarity. Most of the websites use blue color to show their limitlessness and varied options for development. Some of the most famous websites like Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress etc relies on this color. It shows the ease to work and helps you gain more audience attention.


  • Yellow-

Yellow is the color of warmth, energy, sunshine, happiness, success and all the happy things. If your website represents a brand that depicts happiness for people, you can opt yellow as your theme color.

For eg- The logo of McDonalds is in yellow color that itself depicts happiness and this is true as the brand is all designed for food and happy customers.


  • Black-

Black depicts boldness and black also speaks for bad luck. Black remarks professionalism, on the other hand black represents situations like mourning.

The companies that are professional in all the way and provide best brand results generally have black logos and themes. This shows that their only moto is ‘be professional’. Brands like Gucci, Prada, Adidas, Chanel etc are some of the luxurious brands that showcase their telents using black themes and logos.


  • Green-

If your business aims to bring environmental credentials to the core you can always go for the color green. Green is the color of environment, nature, hope, peace. So if your website is designed for purposes like saving environment or nature, green would be the most suitable theme.


  • Brown-

The first word that comes in anybody’s mind seeing the color brown is earthiness. Brown shows the love for nature, mother earth. But at the same time brown also depicts art and old calligraphy, traditional paintings, crafts etc.

If you want to provoke your audience’s emotion towards any old or traditional or historic brand, you can design your website using the color brown. This will always bring the essence of oldness and art to your theme.


  • Orange-

Orange is a color of happiness, music, enthusiasm and enjoyment. It is used for brands that believe in more cheerfulness than any other thing. Brands like Fanta, JBL, Amazon uses orange theme and logos and you can clearly see what they are designed for. They are implemented for music, drinks and fashion. If you want the audience to think that you are a website that invites talent, you can use orange as your theme color.


             A well designed website is the one that has designs relevant to the colors and colors that clearly depicts their brand. Adding proper color is necessary both to your life and to your brand.

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