How to Design Your Own Blog

How to Design Your Own Blog

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How to Design Your Own Blog

Blogging has expanded its wings so fast and is now considered by almost all individuals and the businesses. It has come a long way and is used as a platform for growth of many small and larger businesses. It is used by millions and millions of people to share their experiences and thoughts, sell business and many more.

Blogging increases the connectivity among people and it makes the viewers understand what you want to portray. Through blogs you can also share your business ideas, it helps to gain more customers and the most important profit that blogging provides business companies is SEO. Blogging improves your website’s SEO and helps your website get more attention from the viewers. This increases your website’s ranking among others and increase the credibility of your website. Above mentioned are all the answers for ‘Why do you need a blog’?

Designing a blog is yet another concern for bloggers, an unattractive blog automatically disinterests the viewers. If your blog is not designed according to your content it is not worthy. If your blog is visually unattractive you have already disappointed the audience. Blogging is useful when your blog is both attractive and has unique and excellent content. If your blog is not engaging required audience, you can go for designing your blog that will attract more audience.

You can make your blog appearance according to your need. Design and customize your blog to get the best results, make sure your content is always strong and you are designing your blog relevant to your content. Some of the points you mostly need to focus while designing a blog are-

  • Adding right colors and spaces-

Adding background colors to your blog, and also relevant text colors gives your blog a nice look that can compel the viewers to read more. Just like coloring, proper spacing between texts is also important. You must space between texts so that the content is readable to the viewers. You must focus on the size and fonts, use fonts that are unique as well as easily readable.


  • Real images-

You can design your blog to the core but without images it’s still lifeless. Adding quality images brings enhancement to your content and can attract more people, as everybody likes images more than lengthy texts. Images bring life to your blog, you can easily save the redesigning efforts using images.


  • Adding flare-

Flares are something that blinks or flashes when you open a blogsite. They are generally used for gaining viewer’s attention and are placed at the side bar of blog.


  • Header-

Header is the top portion of any blog site that defines the motive of the site. It contains the name of the blog and the title describes the content of the blog. The header also helps your visitors find their way around and provide them with quick links to special areas that you want highlighted on your site. On many blogs, the logo is also contained in the header. You should use bold colors for header that makes the blog look more interesting.


  • Footer-

Footers are placed at the bottom of blogs and generally describes some copyright message. You must check for the alignment of the footer correctly while designing your blog site.

These are some of the tips you can use while designing your blog

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