Does Your Website Need a Mobile Makeover?

Does Your Website Need a Mobile Makeover?

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Does Your Website Need a Mobile Makeover?

Growth of your business definitely needs a website. Creating a website may be a bit easy but creating a website that is also mobile friendly could be a difficult task. Majority of business experts spend their blood and sweat to create an impactful business website but fail to attract a majority of audience. Do you know why? This is because the web creators forget about the mobile audience and do not focus equally on their mobile web designing. Every business website in order to grow should opt for mobile website designing because it generates the highest amount of viewers and potential clients to your business website.

A good Website designing and development company never ignores its mobile audience knowing their value for the increment of conversion rate and user experience of their website.

Even if you have a well designed website serving potential clients, you will always need a mobile makeover. Here’s why-

 Digital age has already announced the need to develop websites that attract and influence viewers if you aspire to grow your business on any digital platform. Users are more addicted to technology, everybody owns a smartphone, surfs internet on their mobiles and seek to have all the information on their palm.

The arrival of smartphones has changed the way of conversation of people. Almost 85% of the population uses mobiles and smartphones to shop online, order food, buy products etc. If your website is not mobile-friendly you can easily lose these 85% mobile-audience which will automatically reduce your website’s conversion rate and will degrade your website’s position on search engines. So designing a website that’s mobile friendly will grow more audience engagement and audience interaction to your business.


Here are some of the ways you can have a mobile makeover of your website-


  • Simple and elegant-

Your website should be designed in a way that it’s easy to use. Mobile screens are small and hence no complications are required. Your website should only have information that are relevant and do not confuse audience or shift their focus. Use search bar options, buy now options and add to cart options to make surfing easy.


  • Unique content-


Content is the key of any website, it attracts the buyers and leave no room for confusion. Keep your content short, simple and to the point. This will provide relevant brand information to the users and will avoid hassle.


  • Add original images-


Your website should contain original images and not stock pictures. Adding original images of your brand or product gives a more clear idea of your brand to the customers. Everybody knows the fact that images speak more than texts, providing an image that actually defines the features and specialities of your brand can be a boost up for your mobile website.


  • Easy to scroll and navigate-


Mobile website should always be easy scrollable and have navigation options. Do not set up your users to pinch and zoom because it contains it creates a chaos for the customers specialy when it comes to filing any form or survey. Your website should have checkable boxes and scrolling menu bars to make the data entry simple. Less content  leaves the option to write your content large and text size can be made simple and big which leaves no important information hidden.


  • Check for appropriate scaling-


A website that does not scale for different devices is not likeable and gains less trust of the customers.  Make sure your website is scaled properly to function at all the devices. For better adaptability of your website design your website in such a way that it works well with both landscape and portrait view. Avoid using Flash designs because they do not work on many devices specially on iPhones and iPads.


  • Make your website interface active-


The interface of your website should be designed according to the convenience of the viewers or the customers. The customers regularly check for services, so make it easy for them to find your website while using their mobile phones. Try using Click to Call, Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Email, Linkedin, Tumblr, FormField Submissions and other options to invite more customers. This will develop more convenience to your buyers.


A mobile-friendly website has always increased the growth rate of website as it develops a platform to grow more customers increasing the usability of your website.

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