What Makes a Great Website?

What Makes a Great Website?

By WebDesk
What Makes a Great Website?

Your website is the business stage of your company and it should have all the essentials required to attain maximum audience interaction as well as huge branding. It should reflect your brand and undoubtedly portray your business ideas.

A business is always successful when it has a powerful website, that’s why businesses always try to improve their websites at any cost. Your business website should always include everything that your viewers demands, it should care for your customers and also speak your brand. A great website is the one that’s easy to browse, functions well and does not take more loading time. Making a great website is every business’s dream.


Here are some of the points that make a great website-


  • Content uniqueness

A website that has unique content always attracts the viewers. Content is something that defines what your website is all about, what you want to display and what your audience is attracted to. Content of a website is not only the texts written, it also includes images and videos of the products. A strong content convince the audience to buy your product and visit your website more often.

A website that has better content has chances of winning more hearts than the one that has boring or usual content. Providing newsletters, mails and CTA is as important as text and videos.


  • Eye catchy and bold colors-

You must have seen that most of the top brands use bold colors that are bright and eye catcy. Since the audience is visually pleased by the color of the website, it is important for you to use bold colors to your site. Bold colors add life to your website, this attracts more visitors and the ranking of your website increases in search engines.

Colors like red, blue and yellow are generally used to display more attractiveness of your website.

  • Responsive design-

It will be uneven to say that you don’t need responsive designing for your website. To have a great website you must use responsive designs. Your website should be designed in a way that it is functional for all the devices. Whether it’s mobile or a laptop, your website should equally provide necessary information to the viewers.

Responsive designing is very helpful for your website as it attracts most of the potential buyers and helps in developing your business.


  • Search engine optimization-

Search engine optimization is the food and shelter for any website. It controls the functioning of all the websites. Without a good SEO you will never be able to crawl to the top position in search engines. SEO increases your website ranking and helps your business to get much larger audience who are later converted into potential leads. You must have an easy SEO website for successful business.


  • Simplicity and minimalism-

It’s good to add fonts, themes and visual effects to your website but sometimes simplicity wins. Nowadays making a website that’s simple and has minimal designs and layouts are in trend. Huge businesses are moving towards creating websites with minimalistic designs and themes.

Flat designs are used by websites to give a simple yet attractive look to the users. The basic advantage of flat design is that it has two dimensional images that are attractive and are also responsive.


  • Better user experience-

User Experience highly effect all the websites and businesses. Your website must have personalized web designs that are designed according to the need of a particular audience.

Personalized user experience goes with audience interest and attracts customers more than anything. A website is great when the viewers are satisfied with the provided service and using personalized web designs, your website will always have better User Experience.


  • Best navigation-

Navigations helps the users to access the information easily and this has a huge advantage to your business. When a viewer visits your homepage, proper navigation options allows the user to get the required information fast and easy. The viewers are more engaged to your website and this makes them stay and visit more often.

Navigation process is changing everyday. Earlier the web pages had navigation buttons whether on top or side of a webpage, but now web developers are using navigations that are transparent to provide more cleanliness to the website. However, a great website must have great navigation.


  • Advance branding tools-

A great website consists of branding tools that separates them from other competitors and make them more achieving and attractive. Use of online branding tools such as Brandyourself, Logojoy, Canva etc you can grow your business and take it to another level.


  • Social media usability-

Building a website is easy, real efforts are needed to make the website attract a larger audience. A great website is more social media approachable and has millions of platforms to share their content. Social media is very important nowadays, be it business or personal everyone use social media for their very own needs. It’s important for a good website to have strong social network.


To stay ahead in today’s website designing and development trend it is important to build a great website that encourages viewers to prefer you over others.

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