4 Common Wordpress Mistakes That Are Harming Your Website

4 Common Wordpress Mistakes That Are Harming Your Website

By WebDesk
4 Common Wordpress Mistakes That Are Harming Your Website

Everybody makes mistake, that’s human nature. Most of the web designers use Wordpress for designing websites and end up making some of the mistakes that makes the websites weak. These Wordpress mistakes not only affects the website, it harms the business and also leads to degradation of leads. As a top Website designing and development company we wanted to share some of the Wordpress mistakes that are harming your website and can damage your online business before you know.


Five common Wordpress mistakes that are harming your website-


  • Excessive Plugins-

Plugins are considered to be the most advantageous feature of Wordpress as it provides the opportunity to add new features and make the website more functional. Plugins are helpful but upto a certain limit. If used excessively, plugins can damage your site. Extra added plugins makes your site slower thus reducing the customer’s interest into your website. Moreover, plugins need to be coded carefully, any mistake will lead to slow site and installation of plugins are also difficult and they need to be updated regularly.


  • Less Updates-

Wordpress always comes up with new features and regular updates. It is very important to keep updating your website if you want to make your site function and run smoothly. If you don’t update your website you will be having security issues and exposing your site to unnecessary security concerns as well as lowering user experience. Generally the web designers forget to utilize the updates and drag the sites into serious problems.


  • Use of unoptimized images-

One of the most important factors for declining of a website’s functionality is the image unoptimization. Most of the website designers forget to optimize images before uploading it and that leads to slow loading time of a website. You must care for optimizing each image before actually posting it on the website because larger images lead to slower sites, on the other hand smaller and quality images helps the page to load quickly and smoothly. Checking and removing unoptimized images is a better solution for protecting your site from uneven problems.


  • Google analytics-

Monster Insights and Jetpack are some of the most popular and common plugin used by most of the websites. But Google analytics provide all the insights that other plugins don’t provide. When you know all your insights you can make more content and invite more visitors to your website. That’s why it is more important to install Google analytics soon after installing Wordpress.

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