Phases of Website Design and Development Process

Phases of Website Design and Development Process

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Phases of Website Design and Development Process

Website designing is a very heavy task and it generally takes a lot to design a website that is both visually appealing and functional. There are many steps in designing and developing a website which offers optimum results to the customers. Sometimes, all you need is the idea to start from and your accurate goals.

Your website is the ideal platform for growing your business and to promote your brand. Developing a path where everything is so normal yet unique should be your only goal while designing a website. From collecting important data to gathering relevant information for your website, it is always important to know what will bring you more leads.

From gathering initial information to finally completing the designing of website here are phases for web designing and development-


  • Gathering information-

Gathering information is the most prior and important thing while designing and developing your website. It is the phase that decides the platform for your website building. Deciding what you actually want from your website whether you want to sell a product, promote a service or just share knowledge or any sort of information is must for. You need to find who your target audience are and what you can do to engage them.  Your content should be clear and concise in order to gain maximum audience interaction.


  • Planning and plotting-

You must plan everything before actually creating a website. Planning what is important for your website, what you can provide that will engage customers and what will be the related topics and sub-topics for your website is very important. Since content decides the future of any website, focus more on creating a unique content.

You must create a site map that will guide you to the functioning of your website and will help you decide how you can make the most of your site and lt your business grow.


  • Designing-

Designing your website according to your target audience is the best way to gain maximum attraction and engage your viewers. For eg- If your target audience are old age people you will obviously have a different web design than the websites having teenager and young people as their target audience.

Designing a website is all according to your likes and dislikes, you can add bold colors, visuals and graphics to add more audience engagement.


  • Development-

Development of a website is the stage where website is prepared to go online and has all essential elements. At this stage the web developers take all the individual graphic elements and use them to create a functional website.

The web developers use Content Management System like wordpress, add interactive contact forms, shopping carts and other essentials to make your website available for the customers.

The process of website development requires an understanding of front-end development that includes knowledge of HTML processing and writing which increases the websites’s functionality and accessibility for a larger audience.

  • Delivering and final call-

This is the step where the web developers and the designers check for everything is fine. They test the complete functionality of the website, its working and go through every detail checking and optimizing every content and visual.

The web designers check for every code and make sure that the language of your website is readable and understandable to the viewers. The team checks for the final content and edits if necessary.  After checking for the content the web designers follow the procedure and checks for Search Engine Optimization of the website. This is the final stage of web designing and development.

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