Components That Every Wordpress Blog Must Have for Success

Components That Every Wordpress Blog Must Have for Success

By WebDesk
Components That Every Wordpress Blog Must Have for Success

Every blog is written for a specific purpose, some people write blogs to influence, some write to make money and some write to share their experiences.  Each blog have different ideas and is uniquely written, each one has its own content and a specific goal. But there are some things that should be common in every blog and every blog should be enriched with features that make them much more successful.  The components of the blog decide the success rate and how many people will actually go for the blog.

You know what’s important before publishing any blog? These are some of the components that should be embedded in a blog to make it more successful-

  • About Page-

 A blog should have the most capturing and captivating About page as it is the attraction hub for many visitors. The first and the foremost thing a person looks while visiting your blog is ‘What is your blog about? Who are you? What do you work? What topics you focus on? These questions are answered in a section and that section is the About Section of your blog. Make sure you are crystal clear in your About page about yourself and your work, make no mistakes as it can mislead the viewers.


  • Media Page-

A Media page basically links other media specials and bloggers to your blogsite or blog page. If you are writing your blog to link to other people and earn money, you need to hold a strong media page that can get you better customers. A Media page not only gets you new customers, it improves your link with other trending bloggers, keeps a count of your social media followers and keeps you updated about the latest trends and the trending blog topics. Having a media page is as essential as writing a good content because if you need to share your content and ear, you need more media sharing.


  • Blog category-

Categorizing your blog on the subtopics or subheadings can be a good way to present your work clearly and concisely.

For eg- If you are writing about feminism you can categorize your blog in ways like

  1. Feminism in India
  2. How we can conquer feminism
  3. Ways to speak for feminism

Categorizing your blog post you can get more visitors.


  • Social Sharing options-

You are not a successful blogger if your social sharing is not strong. Adding social media sharing options to your blog posts is a better way to share your content. You can add social media sharing buttons to your blogs so that the viewers can easily share your blog on multiple social media platforms if they find your content appealing and relevant.  Moreover, if you are having Wordpress blog you can add social sharing buttons using AddtoAny or Social Warfare applications.


  • Mobile Responsive-

While choosing a Wordpress design make sure its mobile responsive. Most of the business accept websites and blogs that are mobile responsive. With today’s abundance mobile uses it is important to design your blog in such way that it is responsive to both mobiles and desktops.


  • Comment activeness-

Your Wordpress blog is the platform where people can actually comment and share their view. It is too important to think about being responding to your regular viewers as well as to the new ones. Responding back to their comments will engage them to your blog. In Wordpress you can choose for the ‘Blog Commenting System’ option and enable the viewer’s comment and your response in your blog’s comments section area.


  • Email subscriber form-

Adding an Email subscriber form may help you get more visitor’s attention and let them engage more to your blog posts. You can easily engage viewers and send them mail to subscribe your blog for latest blogs or updates.


  • Contact Page-

The Contact Page is an essential part of any Wordpress blog. You must keep your Contact Page updated so that your readers and potential viewers as well as potential media can get in touch with you. This page generally contains your personal information like name, address, contact number, email address etc.    You may choose other options to display your personal info but having a contact page is still preferred.

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