Web Design Trends We Hate

Web Design Trends We Hate

By WebDesk
Web Design Trends We Hate

Web designing is a very crucial part of website growth and development. There are trends in fashion, clothes, bikes, sports and everything and same with websites and their designing. Web trends are something that concerns designers and developers. We go with some of trends for short period, some for long but we also hate some of the trends and that is the bitter truth.


Here we will discuss some of the web design trends we hate-


  • Overuse of parallax design-

Parallax designs refer to the different movement of background and foreground. It is basically used by the websites to provide more vibrance and attractiveness. Parallax has been used by almost all the websites due to its easy generating procedure. Excessive use of parallax is what we don’t like. It can hinder scrolling of some sites and also cut down the functionality of some websites.


  • Excessive use of fonts-

Fonts make the website more visually clear and attractive but sometimes they can add to the chaos your site couldn’t handle. Using font as a design element has been an all time trend for websites bestowing any kind of service, every website has its own set of fonts that caters the extra effort of designing texts. But excessive use of fonts makes the site more chaotic, confusing and difficult to read. Adding fonts is fine, but extra adding can limit your views.


  • Uneven use of pop-ups-

Pop ups are the most disliked feature of any website. However Google has created many ways and implemented many strategies to avoid pop-ups they still come to your view. You must generate a website that does not have pop-ups in your to-do list.


  • Improper use of animations-


Animations are considered to be the life giving strategy for any website. Animations make your site elegant and provide more customer attraction. They helps in the movement and creatively grows your website. But excessive use of elegance is not appreciable, animations can sometimes be a problem for your website. They can confuse the users, the user must be tired of reading huge texts and checks up your website for what he needs, but here you are with all the extra animations that is unnecessary. So, excessive animation is also in the list of trends we hate.


  • Endless scroll-


This is yet another feature that’s disliked by the viewers when not used in a proper amount. People really like the self scrolling feature but it is unlikable when the page just got scrolled and you left the content. Infinite scrolling can be a booster for your website but it is also a zero when all you received is the topic of your concern and no content.



These are some of the trends that are not liked by us.

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