Limitations of a wordpress website

By WebDesk
Limitations of a wordpress website

WordPress is one of the most used blogging and website content management system. It is an online open source website creation tool written in PHP.

Wordpress has several advantages like preinstalled plug-ins, templates and designed graphics but with all this inherited features it also have several disadvantages that limits a website’s improvement.

Some of the limitations or disadvantages of Wordpress are-

When writing a blog every writer has different goals some just want to share their thoughts while some want to earn money from their blog posts. In the first case wordpress provides great audience who will read your posts and engage with you but this is not the case when it comes to earning money from the blog posts. Wordpress has several limitations that can hinder your website’s growth.

  • Not enough earning through blog posts

Google Adsense or other advertising do not work on Wordpress. You cannot run any advertisement other than Wordpress owned ad that is also called WordAd. terms of service restrict you from using your free blog for any commercial activity on your own. Wordpress limits your earnings you cannot use your blog for any commercial activity because your blog now has the Wordpress domain.

  • Restriction in uploading or changing theme

Wordpress has its own inherited theme and fonts, so you cannot modify the themes according to your need. Wordpress provides some of the themes that are free and some are less costly but they are restricted to particular size or areas. If you want a customized theme according to your need, you better do not select Wordpress for the solution.

  • Cannot upload plug-ins

You cannot extend the functionality of by uploading plug-ins. You are given a comprehensive but still a limited set of features. Wordpress needs a lot of plug-ins if it has to compete with other CMS platforms like Joomla or Drupal. The added plug-ins are not efficient and badly impacts your website content.

  • Knowledge of PHP,CSS and HTML

In a Wordpress each and every modification requires the knowledge of tough languages and functionalities. You cannot easily remove data from Wordpress as it requires understanding of PHP and it would be difficult to do so.

  • Easy  account suspension

Wordpress is very restrictive about its content and easily suspends your blogs if you anyway do not follow its rules and guidelines. allows suspended blogs to export their posts for a limited time. Also WordPress do not even notify or ask the blogger to remove content.

Wordpress can be the best option if you need to express yourself through your blogs and do not earn, but it will restrict you from earning. It is easy and helpful for beginners but do not support when you write complicated stuff, want to earn money and develop your site.

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