Importance of Landing Pages

Importance of Landing Pages

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Importance of Landing Pages

What are landing pages?


In online marketing a landing page also known as ‘lead capture page’ or ‘destination page’ is a web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result, marketing promotion, marketing email, or an online advertisement. Landing pages are often attached with social-media, e-mail campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns for enhancing the effectiveness of an advertisement.

A landing page is a great way to drive traffic, build your brand and improve Search Engine Optimization. Every business uses landing pages to drive customers to visit specific product or brand and take actions.

Landing pages has special benefits which separates them from all other marketing strategies and makes them one of the most effective lead generating tool. Some of the major benefits of landing pages are-


  • Increase conversion-

Landing pages sets up a clear action plan for the users. This makes the users more comfortable to take the actions, thereby attracts more users. More number of customers automatically leads to more conversion.


  • Develops credibility-

Landing pages are utterly focused on a particular task, the content and elements of page can be optimized to fulfill your requirement as much as possible. This makes the user feel like they can trust your band and can invest in you. The customers recognize you as a credible brand and will certainly come back.

Another feature of landing page is that it includes testimonials that covers all the brand success stories from different customers, this also develops trustworthiness between the brand and customer and makes the website credible.


  • Improve brand awareness-

It is very important to look for the style, look, feel and copy of the landing page before designing it. With consistent branding a landing page can bring extra way to improve your brand awareness and benefit your business by enhancing the consistency of your brand across multiple forms of media. It gives the people opportunity to recognize and engage with your brand.  Since the customers are more attracted and convinced, they will try spending more time and money on your brand.


  • Provides paid search campaigns-

A successful Search Engine Marketing or a paid search campaign depends on click through rates, and click through rates are influenced by landing pages. By directing people on a landing page, you can generate more leads than if you move them to your website homepage. A successful landing page is created for advertising campaign, it brings the interested viewers on the webpage where they can only find information that is necessary, this brings them to the conclusion that your website is healthy and thus increases more clicks.




  • Landing pages support your business-


Landing pages have the most advantageous strategy that makes them stand out among any other marketing tool. They develop your business goals that include reaching a new profitable market, promoting a new product, getting new customers, or closing more sales.

These are designed In such a way that you can customize them and change according to your business needs, they provide options like sign up for your mailing list, provide contact information, subscribe to a newsletter, make a purchase, or request a consultation.




  • Landing pages allows users to explore your other marketing channels and provide special offers that profit your business.

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