How to Build Your First Wordpress Theme

How to Build Your First Wordpress Theme

By WebDesk
How to Build Your First Wordpress Theme


Your website is all you have got for success. A good looking website attracts way more customers, so it is important to have an attractive and relevant theme. Creating your first theme is quite a big deal and requires patience. Building a Wordpress theme is acquiring a new set of skills to function the way you want your Wordpress site to be. A good theme makes your site visually appealing and invites more people.

Here we will discuss how to build your first Wordpress theme. You must follow the below mentioned rules to create an exciting Wordpress theme for your website.


  • Take a look at the existing themes first-

Before you start to build your first Wordpress theme it is very important to look out for options. This does not mean that you are stealing someone else’s work or imitating others, you are getting ideas so that you can develop a more customer oriented and powerful theme.

You need to decide which theme will suit your website, what themes are required, how each of them function and how you can implement them to get best results. A theme is the base of any website, make sure you are known all about it from selection to implementation.


  • Be clear about your goal-

It’s very important that you are focused on what actually you want your theme to do and what is the exact purpose of your theme selection as well as implementation. You must decide if the goal of your theme is to drive customers, sell product or anything. You should be clear if you have a business site or blogging website and choose your theme accordingly.

For eg- If you have a website that offers products related to dogs and pets, you must choose a theme that fits to your need.


  • Use a template-

Using a template is an easy and convenient way if you want to save some time and also develop an attractive theme. You can use a template that’s provided by the Wordpress and then customize it according to you.

Customizing an existing template will successively offer better theme than starting everything from scratch. Using an existing theme work will benefit you as you will get most of the functions easily.




  • Select quality images, avoid stock pictures-

As you have decided to build your theme and have already selected a template it’s time to decide more profits for your site. The audience praise things that are visually attractive. You should select quality images for your wordpress site that attracts more people, the images should be unique and eye-catchy. You can also take help from some of the image creating and enhancing tools for quality images.

For eg.- Tools like Design Wizard, Pikwizard, PixelDroopr etc provide different images and ideas of enhancing your images.


  • Add plugins-

Plug-in is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. Plug-ins are used for website customization and are beneficial if used carefully. Wordpress provide plug-ins that easily integrates with your theme to capture information, address Google maps, insert social posts etc.

You can easily use Wordpress provided plug-in that is compatible with your theme and reach few more people.


This is how you can design your first Wordpress theme and increase your website’s visual reach as well as your website’s ranking in search engine will also increase.

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