What Are Some of the Best Ad Types for Smaller Businesses?

What Are Some of the Best Ad Types for Smaller Businesses?

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What Are Some of the Best Ad Types for Smaller Businesses?

Advertisements are the best promotional techniques used by larger firms as well as smaller businesses. Generally smaller businesses face problems spending on advertisements that are costly and this increases the need to have ad types that are cheaper yet effective and promotes the businesses.

The most important thing about advertising is it can promote your product and increase your business ROI widely if used with appropriate skills and knowledge. Digital ads are the best example of advertisement providing zillion benefits with much less efforts.  Smaller businesses prefer digital advertising over others because it does not include spending more money and also helps in generating much potential leads. It is cost effective to use digital ads as they bestow much better reach compared to money investment.

Here are some of the ad types that are most suitable for small businesses-

  • Facebook ads-


Facebook is one of the largest digital platforms for promoting and advertising your brands and products and providing sufficient leads. There are millions of small and large businesses using facebook ads because they are cheap and functional providing best advertising solutions to your business. Another major advantage of using facebook ads is that you can easily get an estimate of your customers, who visited your ad and all other business insights.


  • Google search ads-

Google is the most searched platform all over the world and it provides several benefits and Google ads are one of the perks that Google offers. Google search ads are very straightforward, you only pay whenever a user clicks on the advertisement. And since Google is such a huge platform you can imagine the number of audience reaching to your ads. With great audience targeting ability Google search ad is the best advertisement type that small businesses should use in order to get much better traffic without less efforts and spending least money.


  • Google maps PPC ads-

Google maps PPC ads are the most effective ad type if you wan to engage local customers into your business. Those small businesses needing live customers can easily use this ad type and convert maximum business profits. When people search for local businesses you are easy visible on top search rankings on Google and using your website link most of them can easily reach you.


  • Amazon sponsored products -


Small businesses should start using Amazon as it is vast and largest store in the world. You can easily get more public attraction if your products are already on amazon. Sponsored product ads are basically based on keyword results from search queries. Therefore, your ads are going right in front of interested buyers. It is also a good way to boost brand recognition as a business name is put in front of millions of customers and amazon sponsored products are also cost effective.



You obviously know your business is never successful if you do not have best advertising and promotional techniques to advertise and promote your products or brands. The sole purpose of advertising lies in the fact that  users are attracted and it enhances your business. So, you can use the above ad types to create ads that act and serve better.

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