Keyword match type in google ads

Keyword match type in google ads

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Keyword match type in google ads

Keyword match types are parameters set for keywords to show which particular keyword triggers more advertisement in search engines. Using keyword match type or bidding on keywords helps to identify which keyword generate higher position for ads to display on Google. Each match type in keyword has its own advantages and disadvantages.

There are mainly four keyword match types i.e Broad match type, Modified broad match, Phrase match type and Exact match type. When text ad is created in a PPC campaign these match types are chosen according to the need of the campaign.

Broad match type 

As the name suggest Broad match types are broadly used by the advertisers while designing a campaign as they generate the most humongous clicks to your ads. Broad match type is the most used keyword type but it is also important to use them carefully because sometimes these create irrelevant traffic to your website.

For eg- if the advertiser uses broad match type for luxury bike , ads may appear when the web user searches for costly bikes, expensive bikes or any of the keywords relevant to the keywords used in the advertisement.

Phrase match type 

Phrase match type is close to broad match type but it has some of the features that are not inscribed in broad match types. Phrase match type generates huge click only when the web user searches using keyword in the exact order that was used by the advertiser.

For eg- Suppose you used ‘cheap earphones’ in your advertisement and the user searched for cheap bluetooth earphones there will be no ads on the screen but he can find your ad when searching for white cheap earphones or cheap earphones companies.

Modified broad match type

Modified broad match type lies between the most free and most restrictive types. The user will have to search similar words as the advertising using modified match type locks the keywords which restricts the users to find many words.

Exact match type

Exact match type is the most restrictive among all others. When the advertiser uses exact match type in the ad the only users who can find the product has to search for the exact word and then the ad will appear on the screen.

For eg.- If the advertiser ha used “blue pen” ads will only appear when the web user will search for blue pen, no other word can be used.

Users who click on your ad when searching for that exact phrase are more likely to be interested in your product or service, so using exact match can reduce unwanted costs and keep conversion rates high.


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