How to choose the right keyword match type for ads?

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How to choose the right keyword match type for ads?

Keyword match types are most useful when you have to decide the number of audience for your advertisement. It controls which keyword can trigger your ad and which resists the growth of your ads. There are various keyword match type and each one has its specific importance. Broad match type can spread your ad to a vast number of audience whereas you can use exact match type to limit the number of viewers who can reach your advertisement.

How to choose the right match type?

When you are using paid search advertisement platforms keywords are necessary. Choosing a right keyword can trigger your advertisement and makes your ads more reachable.

  • Use a broad to narrow strategy 

When you are about to create an advertisement you should surely prefer broad-to-narrow strategy. Broad to narrow strategy generally means to go for a broad match type keyword and after a certain time go with the restrictive keywords.

  • Use negative keywords when required

Negative keywords do not count under keyword match type but are equally important for your advertisements. Negative keywords allow search engines to restrict which keywords or phrases you don’t want your ad to display on. When you find that your ads are viewed unnecessarily you can add negative keywords to your ads to stop unnecessary keyword matches.

  • Find search terms

Once you get an idea about the exact keywords that people use to look for your advertisements and once your keyword have gathered all the impression and attention of viewers go for searching the relevant keywords that actually made the views for your ads.

As soon as you know what people search other than your exact keywords that shows your ads on search engines you can add those searched keywords to further increase the views. Similarly search for the keywords that are not required for your ads and then add those negative keywords to restrict the views.

You value your ad and you know how important it is to have a great amount of viewer’s reach. Smart bidding can add a flavor to your advertisement if used correctly. Smart Bidding is a subset of automated bid strategies that use machine learning to optimize for conversions or conversion value in each and every auction. If one carefully uses smart bidding, the search engines will automatically prioritize your ads.

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