Elements that influence conversion

Elements that influence conversion

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Elements that influence conversion

What is conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that actually fulfills a required set of goal among the total number of visitors. The conversion of your website indicates the success of your website and marketing. A better conversion rate shows that the audience is responsive to your product or brand, you are delivering what your visitors demand and your website is continuously emerging better.

Here are seven elements that influence conversion rates of a website

  • Photos and videos

Your website is the hub of attraction for the visitors and the first look of your business. In addition to modern website designing, conversion rates are also affected by the display or quality of images and photos you use to show your brand with. Choosing professional pictures and videos, animations, graphics and illustrations can make your website more appealing and increases your conversion rates.

  • Designing and Branding

The design of your website leaves first and last impression to your viewers. Better designing and branding always develops the conversion of website as it shows how well your business ideas are implemented on the web page. You should always consider the format of designing i.e look for new designing patterns not the old and used ones. Unique and creatively designed websites always have higher conversion rates because excellent branding strategies always work best for the customers.

  • Device friendly layout

Most of the users prefer mobiles and smart phones for internet surfing nowadays. Designing a website that’s mobile friendly or runs on all the devices attracts more customers thus increasing the conversion rates. People respond more to your website when they can easily reach and your website is always responsive.

  • Loading speed

Conversion rate of a website is highly affected by the functioning and loading speed of the website. Any website that lags or do not load and take more time to respond to the server already reduces the conversion. If any user opens your website and it does not load fast, the user will automatically close your site and find solutions elsewhere.

  • SEO and CMS

Search engine optimization and content management system are two of the most important elements that affect the conversion rate of a website. A SEO friendly website attracts more visitors and hence is more capable of gaining people’s trust, more actions are driven to the website through users. Having a brilliant content management system always helps your website to engage more traffic and to manage the site’s goal to make the user take actions and thus increases the conversion rate. 

  • Customer service

An impactful website always cares for its visitors and is responsive. Whether you have a small business or you lead a huge website designing company you have to maintain a great strategy to develop customer service. Having customer interactions, solving their queries, responding to their problems make them think about you and will result in developing huge conversion rate. The more customer support you promote whenever a new visitor accesses your website, the easier it is to gain and build trust with those who have a genuine interest in learning more about your products or making a purchase.

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