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SIB Infotech is leading Yii Framework Development Company in India. We have experts dealing in Yii Framework. We prefer using Yii framework in Major development work.


Yii Framework is one of the most popular apps development frameworks in the PHP. A Yii Framework expertise gives you the sharp edge in the field of PHP development. It is highly valuable for the people in business with benefits in developing an illustrative appeal to its users. The firm caching support, the secure approach of Yii Framework helps the developers to get the application of your choice.

SIB Infotech is one of the very few highly rated Yii development companies in India. When given a choice, we utilize Yii framework to develop an application. Our experts have many years of experience developing Yii applications.

Yii framework is the relatively newer phenomenon in the world of PHP MVC programming. Yii development services have security controls in the application. It also has a major role play in all departments dealing with the factors like compatibility and performance. Our expert Yii Developers make use of different functional properties like MVC, caching support, authentication, access control, AJAX compatibility. We have partnered with this technology to help our client’s business achieve its goals.


Security is one of the essential aspects to consider for a good application. As a Yii development company, we have developed our own modules to plug additional security in order to prevent security risks such as SQL injection, data encryption, and others.

Modern Architecture

Yii framework has many advantages that aid in developing modern applications. Yii framework support Ajax. It has inbuilt support for Ajax and it's very easy to develop business flows using ajax actions.


Most frameworks have lots of features but they sacrifice application access speed when we add new features into the framework. Yii also a good list of features, yet it is the fastest PHP framework available today. Yii framework supports Memcache, XCache, APC and other caching techniques which increase the execution speed of the framework.

Yii Offers Many Features such as:

  • It makes the web development more systematic, with the help of the model-view-controller of MVC.

  • The framework uses the features such as built-in and role-based access control authentication.

  • It comforts the user with form creation process. The framework form creation validates data more efficiently and easily.

  • A unique feature is the highly efficient user interface, highly enabled Ajax widgets.

  • It eases the process of handling errors is another advantage of Yii.

  • Regular and updated new features release.

  • It has the advantage of excellent tool support for programmers for fast code generation with fewer errors

  • Has an extension library, which contributes a huge range of user component contributions.

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The Model-View-Controller

Highly Customizable Extensions

Database Access Object

Handling Forms And Collecting User Data

Yii Keeps The Website Secured

Beautiful Skins And Themes

Ajax Widgets

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