Travel API Integration Services

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The growing connectivity is API. Application programs interface allows for connecting data streams and functionalities between different software products. APIs work as control panels for developers to link different software components without dealing with handling the source code. As per travel industry role If you run a hotel business, you can let your customers rent any mode of transportation straight from your website by integrating your room reservation engine with the available mode of transportation- eg rental providers for cars. Hence APIs make your customer’s life easier by eliminating time browsing the web.

Travel API

Travel industry players have become a lot more broad-minded for sharing data, giving rise to more transparency. An example such as Uber. In 2014 it allowed third-parties to incorporate the “request the ride” functionality in their applications. Today, your common sightseeing app lets users travel from one location to another without switching apps. Our Experts at SIB Infotech will guide you towards your business success.

Services Our Travel API Integration offers

  • Comprehensive booking and reservation coverage: GDS APIs

  • Flights data: routes, airfares, delays, ratings

  • Hotel room reservation APIs from OTAs

  • Hotel rooms reservation APIs from connectivity and channel managers

  • Cost-effective

  • Content and property mapping

  • Car rental

  • Business travel

  • Reviews and ratings

  • Public transportation

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