Social Networking Website Development

Are you looking to increase your website traffic and earn more revenue for your business?


The phenomenon of online social networking has always been popular among the masses and has expanded worldwide over the years.


It started with friends needing to chat and catch up with their buddies and create new ones but now, various businesses and organizations are banking on the ‘social’ power of social networking sites to promote their products and services.

Social networking allows online individuals to share their own interests with people of the online community. With features and functions that offer a means of interacting with other people on Internet, this method is now being used as a means to market online businesses on the Web as well.

SIB Infotech builds custom solutions, works with white label technologies and integration of social networking software as part of its services. SIB Infotech’s social network services focus on building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities, and who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. The company’s solutions are characterized by open APIs, service oriented design and the ability to upload data and media contained in Web 2.0.

SIB Infotech has years of expertise in key technological factors, in building social networking solutions and working with the most advanced social networking platforms. The designs which the company proposes are innovative and at the same time, laced with user-friendly and search engine features. The custom sites are state-of-the-art but require minimal support for browsing and navigation even for amateur members. We also facilitates the observations and feedback of clients for better stability, scalability, and versatility of the social sites including provision of ample sway over the site and control of its features. SIB Infotech maintains an optimum level of privacy and security related to the social networking sites depending on different scenarios and helps companies to prevent unauthorized access.

Our developers are highly specialized in the development of social networking websites. Team of experienced professionals has great sense of understanding the social and cultural aspects of global online community. Social networking is the creative work that is to be done with customer oriented approach.

Our offerings in the social networking arena include

  • Social Networking Portal Development

  • Facebook API integration and Facebook Widgets.

  • Audio video sharing & uploading.

  • Internal messaging.

  • Invitations.

  • Photo & Video galleries.

  • Blogs, Forums.

  • Member friend’s network. 

  • Live chat.

  • Shopping carts.

  • Social bookmarking.

  • RSS feeds.

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