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In the fourth quarter of 2017, Facebook had 2.2 billion active users. In which India ranked first with 250 million users. Today Facebook is the topmost in social media. Before initiating marketing on any social media handout what you require is precise planning that will push forward your business and its liked by all.

SIB Infotech has the following procedure towards promoting your brand

Develop your Game Plan

Before creating a facebook page you need to get your goals straight. A page cant meets your goals unless you determine your goals. SIB Infotech will help you to determine the goals that you need to fulfil in priority.

Audience Concentration: Here you need to hit the right people. Because they will be your potential clients in the future. Many times audience is not aware regarding services and solutions that your company provides.

Creating Facebook Marketing Plan: The crucial step is the right content mix. There's an 80:20 pattern. This pattern indicates that 80% of your content should be informative, facts, educate and entertain. 20% should be ads related to your brand and company.

Create a Facebook Business Page

Once nailing down marketing strategy, your facebook page is the business presence online. You need to engage your followers, post content and participate as a brand in facebook experience.

Key Points: Choosing search-friendly page, in most cases, it will be your brand name Set a custom or “vanity” URL for your Page that’s consistent with your handle on other social networks.

Start Posting

Posting just written content won't leave that much of impact. Uploading photos and videos with written content attracts users to look for your business. Another option is “Live Video.” Sessions that shouldn’t be too short. Because it's going to take time to make users engrossed in your live video.

Linked Content Post

Connecting your different content with the cross social media platform.

Pinned Post

Here users apply this tool to pin your post at the top. It always stays at the top of the news feed.

Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook group is one of the approaches to get around your customers. Here what happens is they will discuss your company’s products and services. You should also be part of the discussion. It reflects your company’s interest in customers.

Incorporate Facebook Ads

Similar to an ad on any other channel—traditional or digital—a Facebook Ad is basically content that you pay to share with a specific, targeted audience.

Track, measure, and refine

SIB Infotech tracks audience engagement in your content through tools such as Facebook Insights, etc. It allows you measure like, reaction, comments, etc on your post.

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