Why Isn't Anyone Coming to Your Website?

Why Isn't Anyone Coming to Your Website?

By WebDesk
Why Isn't Anyone Coming to Your Website?

Creating a website takes a lot of hard work and patience but to make your website successful you need to get audience who can help you grow your business. There are times when people actually create a website but are unable to reach to a desired amount of people. This can happen due to a variety of reasons. Making a website that has better audience reach is a matter of concern for most of the businesses.

You need to ask yourself Why isn’t anyone coming to your website? Let’s talk about issues that are not making your website capable and is responsible for the lack of audience.

Here are some of the reasons why your website is not getting desired attention-


  • Less Social Media activeness-

Your business website needs to be socially active it has to gain viewers. It is not important to be active on all social media platforms but you have to choose few of them and be active on them in order to generate more traffic. For eg- If you have a target audience that are only business oriented you can use linkedin, for teens you can go for snapchat and if you want a bigger base for your busieness instaram would be beneficial. You need share and add contents on social media for the growth of your website and for reaching people.


  • No sharing of content-

You need to share your content as much as you can in order to gain better web performance. Sharing content whether offline or online generates more traffic for your website.


  • Less Blogging-

Another reason your website lacks audience reach may be the lack of content or lack of uniqueness of your blogs. Blogs are very important for your website as it attracts thousands and thousands of viewers. The blog should contain images, graphics, unique and relevant content. You must have a strong blog game to encourage people to choose you over others.


  • Mobile unfriendly-

The reason you are not getting enough traffic may be the mobile unfriendliness of your website. Building a mobile friendly website is very important nowadays as large amount of people are mobile addicts and they like surfing on mobiles more than laptops or desktop. If your website is not functional on mobile, the texts are not vibrant and it is not looking attractive users will be automatically leave the site before it loads. This will lead to the decline in number of audience.


  • Extra loading time-

Your business website should be fast and should open within a blink. Slow sites generally disinterest people, if your site takes much longer to open and does not function well chances are the users will go to other sites for their need.


  • SEO unfriendly-

Your website is not SEO friendly and this is the reason why it lacks reach. Every business website should contain unique, relevant and SEO friendly content in order to attract the most number of people and get maximum ROI. Your content should include keywords that can be easily optimized, this increases your ranking in various search engines including Google.


  • Limited email marketing-

The reason for less reach on your website can be poor or limited email marketing. Emails are considered one of the most influential way to attract and remind customers about your business updates. You should regularly hold email campaigns that keep on engaging customers about your brand.


  • Wordpress-

Wordpress is the most widely used platform for increasing traffic for your business. Wordpress has inbuilt themes and designs that make your website more attractive. It is also useful for developing easy to index pages that improves the google ranking of your webpage making your site more powerful.

You can care about these things and improve your site ranking and gain more audience for your business website.

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