Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

By WebDesk
Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog


Blogging is an essential element for growing your visitors and connects them to you. The most important thing it requires is a better, unique and easy to write content.

You do blogging to develop your audience interaction and engagement, but this is never easy. Getting better traffic demands more time investment and obviously creative writing.

Have you ever wondered why you do not have required audience even when your content is unique and you are giving more than others? Here are some tips that will yield more traffic to your blogs-


  • Go for a trending topic-

 A topic that’s trending obviously attracts more audience than usual ones. Call it a necessity or demand, you must blog what’s trending. This will help you get more audience as people always keep searching for the topics that are in trend. You can invite more people using trends and get more traffic through blogging.


  • More visuals-

With the growing world where everybody is busy and relies less on reading, having a blog that don’t have visuals could be a minus point. You must use visuals like images, memes, videos, infographics representing the idea of your writing. Visuals always attract more audience than texts, less people like reading lengthy paragraphs. Adding extra visuals however can distract your audience.


  • Analyze before publishing-

While writing a blog you must focus on content and the way you want to display it to your users. Once you finish writing, you must analyze what you have written. Go through each and every line and specially the headlines, analyze your blog headline before publishing. Headline is the centre of attraction of any written piece whether it is a blog or an article, it should be written correctly and uniquely.


  • Responsive blogging-

Having a responsive blog not only attracts people, it also increases your blogs status on search engines and other platforms. As much as you respond to the viewer’s comments you will invite more people to like and participate in your work. The audience will keep searching for your blogs regularly and grow into permanent potential viewers or customers.


  • Add forums-

Forum is a medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. Your blog website must have an active forum that can act as an interactive spot for the audience and also add new traffic.


  • Add more posts-

One of the most important tips to increase the traffic for your blog is to post optimum number of blogs. The number of blogs you post in a month decides the number of subscribers that will be added.

You must check whether the amount of subscribers are increasing or decreasing or whether you are continuous with your blog posts or not.


  • Involve social sharing options-

Using social sharing options on your blog can increase the count of your blog shares. You can easily make your viewers share your blog by providing more social sharing buttons. Use facebook, twitter, instagram, watsapp share buttons and grow your viewers.

Enhance your post using short, less complex and unique headlines, this will attract more viewers and they will share your post even more.


  • Improve your blog’s loading time-

A website or blog that do not have fast loading time is never liked by the viewers. According to many surveys most of the customers leave websites when it takes longer loading time and never returns. Google considers loading time as an important factor in ranking websites.

You must check that your blog doesn’t take more than three seconds to load, this keeps the audience engaged and improves your website ranking.


  • Call to action-

You can add CTA (Call to action) at the end of your blog posts to let more audience engagement. A better CTA helps in optimizing your marketing skills and increases your website’s Return on Investment.


 It sounds huge to gain new traffic for your blog, but you can use the above tips and make your blog more reachable.

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