Link Baiting Techniques and Advantages

Link Baiting Techniques and Advantages

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Link Baiting Techniques and Advantages

What is link baiting?

Link baiting is the process of crafting and designing content to get other content producers to link to your website. Link baiting is basically used for the purpose of generating more search engine results. It is profoundly used for increasing the number of inbound links to your content and thus improving your website’s performance for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are a lot of link building techniques like back links, testimonials and others but link baiting is the most efficient of all. It gives better results with less hard work if used carefully.


Link baiting techniques-

  • Infographics-

Adding infographics can affect your website in a very different yet advantageous way. This link baiting technique can actually get more traffic to your website as it contain all the required content in single frame. People are generally not much attracted to reading lengthy stanzas, infographics can help them to get all the info without the burden of reading. This can invite users to link to your website.


  • Use of widgets-

Widgets is an application or a component of an interface that enables a user to perform a function or access a service. Widgets are widely used as a link baiting technique to draw people’s attention and encourage more views or actions for your business.

A widget consist pieces of codes that can link back to the desired webpage of user. They are hard to design but perform a major role in providing links for your site.


  • Contests and Interviews-

Announcing contests and interviews can actually be a good source for link baiting. Organizing them can be quite expensive but best results come in-handy. Through contests and interviews you can coordinate, interact and encourage a huge audience to link to your website. They can get to know what you want to serve through your content and this gives you great links that can be favorable for your business development.


  • Crowdsourcing-

Crowdsourcing is one of the most important source for link baiting as it leaves you with the highest number of links for your website.

Inviting experts to your business can be a difficult task especially when the only thing you are offering them is your content and no more add ons. But once you are successful in crowdsourcing strategies you can easily command over huge amount of links.


Now let’s move to some of the advantages of link baiting. Link baiting is not just blogging or writing content, it is more than that. It means to drive people’s attentions and serve with links that can profit your business.


  • Sharing a controversial viewpoint-

It is not mandatory to use harsh content but using articles and blogs that have a controversial approach can get you way more audience attention than anything. You must have seen that the articles those are controversial or deny majority’s concept gets most of the attention of the viewers and is shared more.

Sharing a controversial viewpoint can get your much more links and can act as a major source of link baiting.


Some of the advantages of link baiting are-


  • Link bait content makes the work easier, you do not need to spend more time on forum posting or blog commenting, you can just create a unique link bait content and leave the rest of work to others.
  • You actually need to spend a lot to create back links or testimonials to get links for your website, but link baiting is free. All you need is a content that can attract the customers to give you more and more links.
  • Link baiting provides you much more traffic than any other link building technique. The audience links to your website seeing and admiring your content, this will lead to more links from more people.
  • Link baiting provides long lasting results. You write content, people visit your site, they like your content and provide links. Once you have written a link bait content it’s never ending. Whenever new people will read and like your content you will get new links to your website.



Link building is one of the major sources of high leads and growth of your website. Link baiting can increase the link building rate for website endlessly.

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