Improving Ecommerce Seo and User Experience

Improving Ecommerce Seo and User Experience

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Improving Ecommerce Seo and User Experience

Building an e-Commerce website is easy but creating a website that top ranks on Google and other search engines is a difficult job. A website is not effective unless it provides best User Experience and comes with latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

SEO optimizes your website content and encourages the ranking of your website on Google as well as other search engines. To create a unique and performing website you need to work on SEO, the more SEO friendly your website will be the more audience it will attract. It makes your website to explore greater audience and this way affects User Experience.

A good e-Commerce UX helps to retain more customers and increases more customer return and performance rate. It also helps in increasing the order value of your products as it will drive more customers to shop from your business website, it will be easy for the customers to find your product and the customer’s develop interest in purchasing more items. The web users are obviously attracted to your site and willingly buy products more often if you have rich User Experience.


Here’s how you can improve e-Commerce SEO and User Experience-


  • Organization and easy-navigable



Your e-Commerce website should be well organized and must be structured for easy navigation. If you have a website that sells for both men and women, use separate categories displaying the essentialities. A well organized website always attracts more customers and help in gaining better User Experience.


  • Product description and branding


You should always focus on building a website that has easy to understand yet unique way of describing its brand. Anybody who visits your website will automatically be impressed looking at the branding and product description. This helps in growing your website’s reputation infront of the users and also increases the conversion rate of your site.


  • Creating Omnichannel experience



One of the greatest way to improve your website’s User Experience is to create an omnichannel experience for the users. Your website should ensure that the visitors get same message of your brand regardless of the platform or the device they are using. This will bring better User experience and increase your brand value in the market.


  • Mobile friendly


To experience a much better e-Commerce SEO you should design you website to be mobile friendly. Optimizing your website for mobile devices is increasingly important for an attractive and functional website. This means if you have an e-Commerce website you should focus on mobile based marketing rather than desktops or computers. This will automatically increase your website’s ranking on Google.


  • Good web speed and no lagging


A website that lacks speed or contains time-lag between opening different webpages do not entertain the audiences much. SEO ranking of a website is degraded when the website takes more time to open or do not function when required. Customers prefer using websites that not only respond, but those who respond quickly.


  • Internal linking


Internal linking is another good idea when it comes to the development of a website. Unless you are inappropriately using keywords and content confusing yourself and others, internal linking can always increase your web performance.


  • Clear Content


To increase the SEO ranking of any e-Commerce website it is very important that the content of the website is clear, concise and unique. You must try to add appropriate amount of keyword to develop more content optimization. This helps search engines to find your site more easily and this way increases your web ranking.


  • Providing social information

A great user experience can be a matter of concern for your website. You must provide social proofs on your web page like the number of likes and dislikes on your page, comments from other users, emails etc. This shows that your website is continuously used  and reviewed by people which helps in developing user experience.


  • Allowing feedbacks


No business website attains audience support unless it allows feedbacks. Getting customer’s feedback can improve the quality and designing of your products. It is seen many times that the customers give positive feedback and help to improve your brand.



In a long running digital world, having a business website that has huge audience is the result of SEO and great User Experience.  

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