Impact of voice-based search on modern SEO

Impact of voice-based search on modern SEO

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Impact of voice-based search on modern SEO

What is Voice-search?

Voice search is a technology designed to allow users to search using voice rather than texts. It is basically based on speech recognition.

With the advent of mobile and cell phones voice search has already started to affect SEO.SEO has always been an integral part of search engines and websites, but evolution of smartphones, mobiles and voice-search has reduced the concept of conventional search process.

Advancement can be seen in every field including digital business and websites. One of the most recognized advancement is the invent of voice-based search which makes it easier for the users to get the information without typing.

Here are some of the factors that shows how SEO will be affected using voice-search

  • Increased mobile search

As soon as the mobile-friendly audience is increasing, voice search is becoming people’s choice. Generally people prefer to use mobiles before going to their laptops and desktops for gathering information and this has majorly increased the use of voice-search.

Mobile devices come in handy with voice search features that make it convenient for the users to just pronounce some words than typing and search what they want.

  • Keyword research in SEO

Keywords have always been the backbone of Search Engine Optimization. Search engines define the ranking of a website based on its friendliness with SEO that optimizes content based on keywords. Due to increased voice search in smartphones and mobiles keyword research is highly replaced with voice recognition system. People tend to speak and find results rather than searching for keywords.

  • Increasing Conversational content

More natural content always attract the viewers. It is easier for the audience to speak than to write or type. People can obviously explain things more efficiently with voice than typing. Voice search and digital assistants help to attain the information quick and easy.

  • Involvement of local SEO

For majority of people voice search will be focusing on local SEO. People can ask questions like ‘ Where can I get the tastiest food nearby’ and can get results within a blink. For professionals, voice-based searching will throw the need to focus on Local SEO. For example ‘ if somebody stays in Delhi he/she can ask what is the best place for getting a haircut in Delhi’. This is how local search engine optimization will grab the center stage, when it comes to searching information via voice search.

  • Question based searches

With the help of voice search people can easily ask more questions and get answers without the burden of typing or finding relevant keywords.

Due to voice-based search users will enter the full question rather than single keyword. Therefore there will be more question based queries including who, what, where, when. With increasing mobile audience voice-based research is also advanced and is used by the majority of people.

Voice search has successfully grabbed customer’s attention with its straightforward, speed and appropriate solutions and in the coming years it will genuinely be a part of every website and digital platform. Google Now, ALexa, Siri are some of the most widely used voice assistants that provide best voice search results without any interruption.

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