Google Launches Product Reviews Algorithm Update

Google Launches Product Reviews Algorithm Update

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Google Product Reviews Algorithm Update

When we buy something, reviews are the very first thing we look forward to while choosing the right product. This time Google has made it easier for us by announcing the product reviews algorithm update. Known as the product reviews update Google has announced a new quality algorithm update that promotes outstanding product reviews. In this update, the reviews which will have a detailed explanation with insightful analysis and original research will be rewarded better rather than the thin contents with less relevant information. In short, reviews provided by some experts or professionals who know the topic well will be more emphasized.

Google's Product Reviews Algorithm Update

With this update, Google will promote high-quality product reviews content present on the web. These reviews will be promoted on Google's search result rankings.

There is no direct punishment by Google for providing thin content that summarises a bunch of products. However, if you provide such reviews the ranking will eventually be demoted as Google will give more priority to the reviews with relevant information and research. This can feel like a penalty but is not because technically the reviews that are better than yours have been rewarded better rankings than yours by Google.

This update is only applicable to the product review content and no other types of content.

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This is a standalone update and not a core update. However, Google's original advice for quality content is relevant for product reviews algorithm update. Apart from this, Google has also provided additional advice for this update.

As mentioned earlier, if the reviews have some insightful information with organic research or are written by some experts or professionals then they will be promoted by Google and their reviews will land up on Google's search result rankings. But here are some additional useful questions to consider for product reviews.

Here are some questions you should consider answering while writing reviews about a product.
Do your product reviews ?

  1. 1

    Explain what makes it different from its competitors?
  1. 2

    Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the product, based on its research?
  1. 3

    Express expert knowledge about where and how the product should be used?
  1. 4

    Describe how the product has evolved from its previous versions and what are the improvements?
  1. 5

    Provide quantitative measurements about how a product measures up in different categories of performance?

As informed by Google, this update is live now and can be used for English language reviews globally.

If your website is into reviewing products, you will want to check your rankings to see if your organic traffic improved, declined, or stayed the same. With this update, you need to focus more on quality content with all insightful details so that it is unique and stands out from the competition on the web.

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