10 Ways Your Website Is Driving Customers Awa

10 Ways Your Website Is Driving Customers Awa

By WebDesk
10 Ways Your Website Is Driving Customers Awa

The most important goal of designing and developing a website is to get views and customer’s attention. You build a website for better business, your business will expand when you have greater audience and for engaging greater audience you need to develop your ideas of marketing.

A website may fall due to many reasons and it also has solutions. There may be several reasons that your website is driving customers away like poor navigation, boring content, no call to action etc. You should never let down your visitors after they visit your business website.


 Here are some of the ways that your website may be driving customers away.


  • Improper content delivery-

Content delivery is the most important thing that a website requires. The visitors of your website first of all go through your web content before anything. It shows what are the specifications of your brand and the motive of your business. You can easily provide the audience a way to read and take your content through mailing options. This will increase their faith in your company and will grow your business. It is also important that your website do not contain any bland or false content, this creates a negative business impression to your users.


  • Unreadable texts

The main reason for loss of customers may be your web texts. Maybe your business website contains unreadable texts, it requires to be changed. You must choose a better font size as well as font style. The texts and content of your website should be easily accepted by the customers in order to gain support.


  • Socially Inactive-

Social sites are a great stage to promote your brand and increase customer reach. If your website does not have social activeness, it is in huge disadvantage. You can use facebook, instagram, twitter, etc to advertise your brand and make promotions.


  • Pop-ups-

If your website has unnecessary pop-ups there are chances that the users are frustrated way before reading or acknowledging your brand. Pop-ups are denied by many websites as they are of no use and also reduce customer’s participation in the websites.


  • Improper advertisement-

If your website do not show relevant advertisements, it’s unnecessary to bring ads that irritate the users. Improper or unnecessary advertisements are always a drawback for your business website. Many web designers and developers advice people to reduce the amount of ads and remove unnecessary advertisement from your website.


  • Excessive use of Flash design-

Our website is a hub for attracting the viewers but it will repent when there is excessive use of flash design. Flash appears when you open a website, they are designed to gain attraction but are not useful always. Adding more flash can drive your customers away degrading your website. One more disadvantage of using flash is it’s inadaptable and doesn’t support in iPhone and iPads.


  • Slow loading time-

One obvious reason that is driving customer’s away from your website is it’s slow loading time. Researches prove that most of the visitors do not like to visit a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load and there are chances that these visitors will never visit your site again. If your website has slower loading time, try and take steps to improve it because it’s taking your customers away from your business.


  • No responsive designing

 Your website is not responsive, you have already lost customers. Providing responsive design to your website is completely your responsibility. Your website should work on all devices whether it’s a small mobile phone or a huge desktop, it should function fine and equal in all devices. This helps to gain audience support and make your business grow faster.


  • Inconvenient-

You should design your website in such a way that it is easily surfed by every user. A website having easy and readable content, relevant pages and good interface attracts more viewers and the users find it easy to fulfill their needs. If your website is inconvenient in any of the fields, it will lose customers rapidly.           


  • Use of harsh music-

Every website has some music detailed to provide better user experience and attract more customers. Maybe your website has music that is not relevant, harsh or unpleasant, this disinterests your viewers and drive them away.


These are the 10 main reasons that your website maybe driving customers away. You can easily avoid these mistakes and make your website more functional.

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