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The Art of Twitter is in the Retweet. You Must be Interesting.

Presently Twitter has an upper hand compared to Facebook. They have 330 million monthly active users. According to 2017 stats, 80% of Twitter users were active on the Mobile platform. Daily active users on Twitter were 100 million. A total number of tweets sent per day was 500 million. These stats are more than enough to get your company profile on Twitter. Our Marketing team is here to assist you.

SIB Infotech has the following procedure towards promoting your brand

Revamp Your Twitter Bio

Your company’s bio and voice should be to the point. It should be branded well. It indicates a bio that says people what your company is and includes a link to your company website or a landing pa

Connect with influencers and experts in your target areas

You have to be connected to them and interact with them on regular basis. Find like-minded people, they might turn out to be your potential clients. Influencers such as Journalist, Bloggers, potential partners, writers, etc. Add them to private Twitter list and engage with them daily.

Getting your staffs involved by tweeting regularly

This means that you should try to involve your staffs and people working under you. This shows how much activity your company has online. Tweeting and Retweeting, interaction with others adds awareness of your brand. This might be a bit problematic for you as your staff has other responsibilities to perform. SO the remedy is SIB Infotech dedicated team will assist you with this.

Track mentions -- and respond accordingly

SIB Infotech will keep a track on all of your mentions in the tweets. Responses will be made accordingly. We see to it that no tweet goes without any response by your company.

Follow and Create Trends/Hashtags

We always keep a close track on ongoing trends. We also try to use those trends by which marketing of your company increases. We also create Hashtags through social events, special occasions, etc. So that maximum users will tweet and retweet using your company’s dedicated hashtags.

Offer discounts and deals to Twitter followers

This is sort of a very mainstream marketing that is only applicable to that specific social media platform. We create sort of links and codes that will verify and give that particular Twitter user the benefit.

Use images and videos

Our experts at SIB Infotech will upload many images and videos that will assist you in providing quality and unique content to your followers. Images and videos play a major role in interacting with your potential customers. It’s a very precise way to give your company’s message out loud and clear.

Twitter analytics

Our experts use tools that will provide you with the accurate result. It paves the way for taking your next step. Designing and taking steps for further for better results and brand awareness.

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