Jquery Development Services

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The structure of JQuery makes it simpler to navigate documents, develop AJAX applications, create animations and lots more.

It also permits developers to create plug-ins on top of the JavaScript library. It creates abstraction for low-level interaction and animation by developers. JQuery module approach is used for the creation of Dynamic web pages and web applications. Its library is fast and small yet feature-rich JavaScript library that makes HTML document traversal and manipulation as well as event handling and animation extremely easy to use.

APIs can work across a multitude of browsers due to the JQuery functions and JQuery modules.

Features of JQuery Development Services

  • An abstraction layer facilitates cross-browser support in jQuery. This makes it compatible and easy to run on all browsers

  • Dynamic content changes like element insertion can be made easily to the HTML document

  • jQuery eliminates the need for writing iteration statements or loops for applying a style or action on a set of elements by implementing the concept of “sets”

  • Effects like shaking, fading, zoom etc. can be added to all DOM elements.

  • Functions like $.get(), $.post(), $,ajax() and others help in successful retrieval of information from the server without having to post back or refresh the page again

  • jQuery supports the concept of “Chaining”. As a result, a method returns an object all the time. This, in turn, drastically reduces the usage of temporary variables.

  • DOM elements can be manipulated easily and in an efficient manner by running the selector syntax

  • A highly extensible platform, developers can create their own plug-ins and run on top of the jQuery layer

  • jQuery development can be learnt easily and quickly as its syntax is based on CSS selectors.

Advantages of using jQuery Development Services

Enhanced developer productivity

With a well designed Javascript code, jQuery enables developers write reusable, simple and effective codes. This requires minimalistic efforts and increases developer productivity.

Quick results

Ease of using AJAX functionality ensures faster results with optimum usage of codes. The results are yielded much faster compared to traditional Javascript frameworks. Codes are executed faster with greater efficiency due to low RAM consumption achieved by utilizing lightweight footprint

Compatible and modern

jQuery is highly compatible with different animation modes and several other latest CSS3 technologies. This helps developers with ample opportunities for developing applications with seamless integration of latest technologies

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