Javascript Development Services

Are you looking to increase your website traffic and earn more revenue for your business?

Using Javascript we can create highly dynamic and responsive websites. These are very similar to desktop applications in terms of processing speed and load time.


  • Core JavaScript

  • jQuery/JSON

  • Microsoft AJAX(aka) ASP.NET Ajax Version 4

  • Server Side JavaScript Framework: Node.JS

  • Javascript Frameworks without UI: JQuery, BackboneJS, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, RequireJS

  • Javascript Frameworks with UI: JQuety UI, Ext.JS, DOJO, Telerik UI


Here are the services that we provide

Integrated JavaScript Development with All Server-side technologies, such as ASP.NET, JSP/JAVA, PHP/LAMP, Ruby on Rails, Coldfusion, Python/Django etc.

Web Application Development using JavaScript Frameworks, such as JQuery, ExtJS, BackboneJS, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, RequireJS, etc.

Mobile web application development with SenchaTouch, JQuery Mobile.

Interactive application development using NodeJS

Migration of existing Flash, Adobe AIR, Silverlight Applications to HTML5 and JavaScript

JavaScript development with JSON, XML

AJAX development with jQuery

Custom application development

Custom content management systems

eCommerce custom application Development

Plug-ins Development, Customization and Implementation

Here are some examples of the applications that we can develop with Javascript libraries and Frameworks.
  • EHR/EMR application

  • Media sharing and live broadcasting community website

  • Event invitations and management system

  • Online meeting organization using comet/server push

  • Social networking, Media sharing, Live broadcasting website for sports enthusiasts.

  • Social networking portal for emerging artists and fans for entertainment industry.

  • Facebook application for event tracking and notification.

  • Online tracking of goods for logistics company

  • Shopping cart/ e-commerce application

  • Fleet audit system

  • Sales force management application

  • Fishing forecasting system

  • Web portal implementations

  • Dating – match finder application.

  • Media sharing community application

  • Educational website

  • Custom CMS for an IT consulting company

  • Web base CRM system for multiple websites

  • Photo sharing community website

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