J2EE Application Development


With the spurt in the internet technology, JAVA has succeeded remarkably in providing an exciting technology for enterprises.


Ever since JAVA first came on the scene, it brought with it a freshness of approach for the multi-tiered applications, inter-operable features and above all, comprehensive security of the applications.

Built solidly on the JAVA Platform, J2EE adds the capabilities that provide a complete, stable, secure, and fast JAVA platform for the enterprise. The advantage of JEE lies in the fact that it substantially reduces both effort and money in developing multi-tier solutions.

Advantages of J2EE Application Development

J2EE, presently re-christen as JEE arrived when developers were feeling the pinch of a reliable development platform. Today JEE has nudged out many other platforms by sheer virtuosity and ease of development. The challenge of keeping up with the blistering pace of growth of e-enterprises is being met head on by JEE and today JAVA architecture and the ensuing JEE applications development has made great quantum leaps in Application Development.

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JAVA Software Development, JAVA Application Development, Web Application Development, Desktop Application Development, System Programming Solution, JAVA Embedded technology solution, Components, Class Utility


J2EE, J2ME, Beans, EJB, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, EJB, Web Services, JSTL, JSF


Tomcat, IBM Web-sphere, Oracle Application Server, JBoss, Apache, Weblogic

Open Source Tools

Life ray, Alfresco, Compiere

Java Frameworks

Spring, Struts, Tapestry



Our services in core JAVA Platform

  • JAVA, Swings, Applets, TCP/IP Developments

  • Tomcat, WebSphere, JBoss, SunOne, BEA Weblogic for Web/Application Servers 

  • J2ME (CLDC/CDC), J2MEPolish, Blackberry for mobile platforms

  • Web Application Development, Desktop Application Development, System Programming Solution, JAVA Embedded technology solution, Components, Class Utility

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