AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is an important tool of web development which helps in creating and developing interactive websites having a faster response time


SIB Infotech recognizes the importance of modern web technologies and helps customers to create amazing, dynamic and interactive websites with Ajax

Some benefits of using AJAX are

  • Better speed and performance

  • More responsive, user-friendly websites and applications

  • Won't slow down with limited bandwidth. With AJAX callbacks, the server won’t get overloaded by requests, which would otherwise cause the app to slow down.

  • Browser and platform independent

SIB Infotech offers the following AJAX Development propositions

  • AJAX Web Portal Development

  • AJAX Application Development

  • Web Based Reporting Solutions

  • Information Portals

  • Web Instant Messenger

  • AJAX Based Web Photo Gallery

  • Spell Checker

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