Mobile SEO Services

Accelerate Your Business Growth

with Best Mobile SEO Company in India

Accelerate Your Business Growth

with Best Mobile SEO Company in India

The mobile revolution has transformed the way customer interacts with your firm and your products. They have need of a much active & quicker experience.

A great majority of website audience has switched to mobile for convenience and easy access to information at any point of time. This shift has led to severe competition among the websites to maintain their visibility on the mobile. We offer specialized mobile SEO services that focus on your company's website along with optimizing it for mobile search results and high-quality user experience. A combination of accurate SEO tools is the key to successful and effective mobile SEO services.

Almost 40% of the sales these days are done online via the business websites. If a business wants to engage mobile users and convert them into loyal customers, Mobile SEO should be your top prioritized investment. Mobile SEO enables your website to rank better and generate heavy leads on your page.

The tremendous growth in the portable device sector has led to great concerts to the web-experts to plan their mobile SEO strategies. Almost 50% of internet users have switched to mobile internet surfing, each of them considers visiting mobile-friendly websites. Mobile-friendly websites are preferred by Google itself.


Search engines are considered to be the most reliable platforms to digitally grow your brand to the farthest corners of the digital world. Mobile optimization of your website ensures that it functions properly and looks attractive on the devices.

The usage of mobile phones has been sky-rocketed in the past decade. Companies and businesses must understand that Mobile SEO is an essential tool for growing and expanding their services and sales.

What can be done to be certain that your website is well-optimized according to the mobile SEO key determining factors? Answer to the query is far simple, which is to hire a well-experienced and expert Mobile SEO company. But the solution is far more complex; Mobile SEO tools require expertise to deploy highly engaging websites of your brand. SIB Infotech is one of the leading SEO service providing companies in India. Our services ensure that your brand gets 200% results for what you are investing in our services.

Why Mobile SEO is important?

Mobile SEO tools are game-changers in the online world, it can take you to the leading shelves of the industry when executed and maintained efficiently.

74% of users return for purchases if they are positively impacted by your website's content and interface, services, and products.

Almost 52% of the users that do not find a website mobile-friendly do not engage with the brand again, our services make it certain that your website is optimized in such a way the audience can’t deny visiting it again.

The benefits from mobile optimization for your company's website are uncountable, few can be listed :


Increased conversion rates


Positive impact on the audience


Extreme leads from come-back customers


Boosted sales


Higher SERP ranking


Long-lasting impact on the audience


Increased audience engagement and website traffic


How to make an Impact with a successful Mobile SEO Strategy?

The efficiency and working of your website on mobile phones are affected by various Mobile SEO elements. These elements or factors are responsible for search engine rankings, search visibility, and optimal user experience. SEO experts at SIB make sure that your page is well-optimized and no affecting key factor is left unattended. We follow some Best Practices for Mobile SEO which are listed below.


Readability of the website content

website content is the main dish of the website's menu. We make sure that the content on your website is readable, catchy, and informative. Mobile SEO is responsible to optimize the page content in such a way that the user does not need to zoom in or out to read the content on the page.


Page load speed on mobile

studies have confirmed that 53% of the mobile website audience discard a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Mobile SEO tools ensure that your website has fast loading time leading to a boost in the website rankings on the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs).


Page design

the web browsers are attracted majorly to the websites that look attractive and are easy to navigate. Mobile optimization manages your website in such a manner that it can be used with ease by each visitor. It also makes sure that the navigation tools of the website are clean and easy-to-use creating a positive impact on the website audience.


Do not use Flash Player

Sometimes the flash player plug-in might not be accessible on the user's mobile which means they will miss out on the major fun of the special animations and effects, one can rather consider using HTML5 for animations.


Do not use Pop-ups

User is easily irritated with pop-ups as it is difficult to close them each time. Pop-ups can lead to high bounce rates dues to audience dissatisfaction.


Build mobile sitemaps

The creation of an XML sitemap for your website’s mobile version is a mandatory step. These sitemaps keep your mobile-friendly websites separated from the desktop ones to exterminate indexing problems.


Don't block CSS, JavaScript, or Images

CSS or JavaScript contains the codes that include the information that determines if the website is mobile-friendly or not. The search crawlers need access to the scripts to rank the websites on SERPs. These scripts play an important role to ensure that the search engines fully render your website. Back a few years, some of these technologies were not supported by mobile devices so the developers considered blocking CSS, JavaScript, or images for user's convenience. Since the times have changed drastically, developers need not block these elements at present as they play a crucial role in helping search engines understand if your website is responsive and efficient or not. The web crawlers and Google bots look for these elements as to segregate websites as per audience needs.


Optimize for Local search

mobile optimization is responsible to update and maintain all the local searches on your website. The local info plays a dominant role in determining if the user finds your website when they search for the services near themselves. The audience often searches for a local business near them, the local information plays its part in such situations. If your business involves local or geographical based services or elements never ignore them to be optimized for mobile content for local searches. It includes the name of your company, address, contact details along with your city and state name in the website's metadata.


Go Mobile-ready with our Mobile SEO services

Experts at SIB have deep knowledge about mobile websites and applications, they optimize your content and site experience to engage huge traffic and yield desirable SEO results. Our mobile SEO service ensures that all the key contributing factors of your website are efficiently maintained to acquire 100% positive results.


Our Mobile SEO Services include:

  • Website UI analysis
  • Multilingual mobile site optimization
  • Load-time analysis and optimization
  • Click to Call Action
  • Robot.txt implementation
  • Meta description and title tag optimization
  • Cautiously designed pop-ups
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile Sitemaps
  • Mobile optimization audits
  • 24*7 Maintenance and support
  • Regular performance reports
  • Transparent progress statistics
  • Website content inspection and optimization

We provide the best mobile SEO services that guarantee desired outcomes for your website along with heightened sales and boosted traffic.

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