Local SEO Services

Accelerate Your Business Growth

with Best Local SEO Services Company in India

Accelerate Your Business Growth

with Best Local SEO Services Company in India

Get your company Listed on first page listings of Google Maps in your Local City!

Majority of the internet users these days use location-based search when they are looking for the required products and services or find a local business on Google Maps.

Local SEO refers to optimizing your company website for a specific geographical Location. It is one of the important services for a company which has majority of their clients in a specified location or their business is local business and limited to a specific area. The major benefit of local SEO is it would bring in location-based traffic for your local business.

Generally, local SEO is a combination of several factors that need to be maintained and organized by SEO experts to ensure the success of your business as well as the website.

Local Search Engine Optimisation is a sub-branch of SEO that focuses on the growth of the local businesses that are found on the local search results. These local businesses are found via online searches like -


Restaurants near me

SEO Companies

SEO Companies near me


Doctors near me

Website Desining Companies

Website Designing companies near me


Malls in (city name)


Shops in (location) and many more

Be the Leader of Your Local Market

through Local SEO Services in India


Online Reviews

84% of the potential customers buy your product based on the reviews, a business should always manage and optimize reviews about themselves.


Website content

these are responsible for providing info about your website to the search engines and are useful for increasing CTR


Google My Business

Local business should always claim their business on google as it can bring incredible results. GMB is a big directory and utilizing its services can prove highly beneficial to small local businesses.


Title tags and meta description

these are the HTML elements of your website that reflect the contents on your page. The title and description tags are displayed on SERPs which is the fir thing the audience sees, this element is the miniature of your business and should be crafted with expertise.


Local structured data mark-up

these are an important part of the website’s code as they provide the search engines the information about your business which includes your products and services along with the reviews.


Online directories and citations

claiming the business on online listings is a game-changer move for enhancing and growing the business. Your business must get listed correctly on the business directories if this is avoided search engines might show wrong or unwanted information to the audience that can lead to heavy losses.

Why Hire a Local SEO Company?

Customers mostly search companies by city name or local area name for the required products and services in a particular area. So when they search Google provides with top local company names and location which matches best to the search terms on their google map display results. 50% of the people that do local search avail the services via the physical stores within a day or two.

Your business needs to hire an expert Local SEO agency that ensures high-quality and measurable results. Investing in a suitable and reliable Local SEO company increases the chances of success for your business. SIB Infotech is among the best SEO company in India that expertise in Local SEO services brining in your company listing on top of google maps listings. Our services guarantee that your business is depicted to the audience as the one and only service provider they can rely on.

There are numerous benefits a local business can extract from SEO :


Low Investment


Online visibility for Local customers


Increased web traffic and audience engagement from local visitors


Staying competitive with the competitors


Targeted geographic campaigns


Building links


Gaining repeat customers


Builds community, reputation and customer relations


Builds trust with high rankings


Increased local reviews


Reduced advertisement expenses


Exposure to local business directories

The local SEO strategies focus on highlighting the local businesses according to the audience searches. Optimization of the website plays a crucial role to establish your existence on Google’s local search landscape. The local SEO factors play a dominating role in ranking the page higher for local SERPs.

  • Local Competitor Analysis

  • Local Keyword Research

  • Other Local Business Listings

  • Improving the internal linking

  • Inbound linking

  • Adding location information of your business

  • Creation of locally optimized content

  • 24*7 maintenance and support

  • Optimization of existing website content

  • Ensuring that your contact info is updated and consistent on your business page

  • Online directory optimization and citations

  • Managing & Optimizing Google My Business Listings

  • Optimization of URLs, title tags, headers, and meta description

  • Social media posts relevant to Google My business

  • Transparent progress reports and stats

We guarantee expertise, experienced team and excellent services which assure growth and success of your business that makes and non-washable imprint on the customer’s mind.

SIB Local SEO Services

A business should always invest in the best. Our optimization strategies assure long-lasting and profitable results that can take your business to the top most levels of the local business hierarchy.

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