What's Wrong with Using Design Templates?

What's Wrong with Using Design Templates?

By WebDesk
What's Wrong with Using Design Templates?

What is mobile first design?

Mobile first design is the designing of website in such a way that it is first fitted into a small screen rather than the big screen.

A mobile first design not only helps you to get more traffic but it also enhances the visibility and ranking of your website in search engines.

Mobile users are all around the globe, nowadays people do not generally use laptops or big screens but consider surfing on mobiles for all the uses. Mobile first is the trend of recent website designing and development. A high mobile first design will increase the success rate of your website by increasing your sales and net profit.


Why is mobile first design important?

  • It compresses your website to fit into a smaller enhancing the user experience of your website.
  • Mobile first design lets your users to gain more information at a fast rate, the users can gather more information conveniently.
  • A website with no mobile first design automatically disinterest the users, nobody likes opening a big screen or laptop for specific purpose.
  • Your website can get more visibility and traffic if it is mobile friendly. More visibility leads to better search engine ranking and this will increase the number of potential customers for your website making your business website successful.


Advantages of Mobile First Design-


  • A mobile first design provides easy and quick navigation.
  • Since more people are using mobile first designs, they are more advantageous in terms of conducting information from the websites that are mobile friendly.
  • Mobile designs as compared to others can compress the texts, fonts, images and videos on a small screen. This brings more information and less chaos for the users.
  • Mobile first designs are more appealing as they can run on both mobiles and desktops and functions same on any platform.
  • Mobile first designs provide users with multiple options i.e gaining audience, sharing reviews, data, information, recommendation etc.


A business website that demands growth should always consider mobile first designs first. Desktop friendly designs are less compatible as compared to mobile friendly and hence do not attract more traffic for your business.

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