What’s Wrong with Using Design Templates?

By WebDesk
What’s Wrong with Using Design Templates?

What’s the first thing you look visiting a website? What attracts you and invites you to stay on a website? Without any doubt the answer for this question is ‘designs’. A website only attracts the viewers when it is designed according to the need of the customers and the only thing that helps in the better display is design templates.

Nowadays there are millions of website catering the customers, you want anything for your business you can always have it. Millions of companies out there are lined up to provide designs that they say are beneficial for your website. Since the audience at the first place want visually attractive site, design templates are used by most of the business websites.

Design templates provide designs for the website plus some content for specific purpose such as sales presentation, a business plan, or lessons but using design templates can have some of the disadvantages that can make your website lack the originality and distract audience.

Many websites nowadays provide design templates that are beneficial for your business site, it can’t be said that this is false because the design templates they offer are multipurpose, goes with many of your website’s ideas and also helps to gain an attractive website. No estimate of functionality, but they definitely showcase your website as the most attractive one in the field.

Some of the limitations of using design templates are-


You are no different-

The websites that offer design templates convince you by selling designs that look all nice and attractive, but they don’t inform you about lack of uniqueness. The web providers offer templates that are used by a majority of other websites displaying their very own content.

Everybody wants to go for a website that is uniquely designed and is functional at the same time. Using design templates will only make you “part of the crowd”. This is because you are also using the same template like all the hundreds and thousands of customer who shared from the web providers.

You don’t stand out and you are no different, this is the major disadvantage of using design templates.

Hindering optimization-

When you build a website the most important question that arise is ‘ Does your website content and graphic compliment each other?’ NO, your business website will never grow if you don’t care for the functionality of the website along with looks. Using design templates hinders your space for web content. You cannot use graphics that are relevant to your content and this makes your website sound meaningless.

When you use same template as others, the coding and metadata associated with the graphic in place will not be optimized. Search engines will not be able to find your content unique and thus your website ranking will be lowered.



Since the design templates already have designs, content and everything required for your website, it is quite difficult to balance and change the same when required.

It will take much more time to customize, change and edit content or design if you want to. The design template restricts the usage and customization of your brand.


Limited branding-

Your brand speaks for you, for your ideas, for your beliefs and everything you want your business to look like. You need to design and develop your website according to your specifications and requirement.

Design templates do not perform the task of better branding. You cannot design what you want, you cannot put whole of your ideas upfront and you cannot speak what you entirely want your brand to deliver using design templates. It limits your capability to put your ideas in your way imposing else’s creativity.


Design templates can be your substitute for web designing but the limitations come in-handy.

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